Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A different view

My meltdown the other day came to mind as I was straightening up all of Audrey's papers last night, the ones I found after she went to bed. 

She has taken to school so much that she will color and do her alphabet all night long.  And draw pictures.  I don't want to discourage her, so I let her run around with her clipboard full of paper, crayons or pen in hand.  However she tends to leave it where she stands if we call her to do something else.  She's not doing that to aggravate me, she's just doing it because she focuses on one thing, gets distracted, focuses on another, etc.   Thank goodness for her little white board.  She can erase that and start over, and there's no paper involved.

Except I nearly sat on the marker she left on the couch.  Doh!  **@#@

I thought of who it was I called whilst in the middle of losing it over a pile of papers and dust.  I called Mr W.

Ordinarily, I don't mind it too much when I write and I am frustrated, like the other day, because sometimes, you just need to vent.  But in all fairness to Mr W, I guess I should give him some props.  Not every man will patiently talk his wife down off the building when she's ready to jump.  I mean, some guys, they'd just offer a little push.

He listened to me the other day, and then I heard him answer someone else, so I realized he couldn't talk.  Which was okay.  He was busy.

I just needed to hear the sound of his voice.  He managed to get out something neutral but soothing, and off I went on my day.

The thing is, I can't do all the crazy things I do every day without support.  Mr W is my support.  While he is my cheerleader from time to time, giving me the "Yes, you can do it" when I'm faltering, he also just goes about his day knowing that I am taking care of business from my end.  He doesn't call me, micromanaging every second of "Were the kids late to school?"  It's more of an unspoken confidence that he has in me that I can do it, it''ll get done, and I do it well.

And that is what gets me through the day.

So even though I might rant, and feel the stone I push is bigger than the one he has, it's not really that way.

Sometimes, he pushes mine right along with me, and I just don't see it....

...because he's behind me.


screaminremo303 said...

"Sometimes, he pushes mine right along with me, and I just don't see it....

...because he's behind me."

That's just in case the damn thing starts rolling backwards. LOL

Hey! Someone has to be there to call 9-1-1...

robinngabster said...

Don't kid yourself Anna he likes the view from back there.  LOL!  He sounds like a keeper and you make a good team.  Have a great day...


jevanslink said...

Maybe local law enforcement should have an emergency number for moms having meltdowns.  Instead of calling 911, you dial 811 and get a recording. "You have reached the number for Moms Having Meltdowns. First take two cleansing breaths. If this is really an emergency meltdown, not just a long day with the kids, press STAR. If you are out of snacks, press POUND. If you're sick of the fighting over toys,press STAR POUNDr. If just want a couple of minutes to rant, hold for an operator.  

Mrs. L

chat2missie said...

Us moms are entitled to melt downs.  It doesn't make us any weaker or less of a mom.  In the past year I've had, I must have had 100's of melt downs.  Hope you have a good day.

wshgranter said...

Sweet entry.... made me tear up.  I'm a wuss, I admit.  You are a great momma and wife!  We all have meltdowns and it is perfectly okay :)

I am so glad you had a great time on your birthday.  Everyone needs a little time off!
Happy Belated!!

jckfrstross said...

that is called true love:)


pixiedustnme said...

I think we can tell by the way you generally speak of your life that you are SO in love with your man.  Sure, there are times when we don't like the people we live with.  Hey, that's life and we're all moody!  And once in a while it doesn't hurt for Remo to remind the man that he can be cut loose at any time - ROFL