Wednesday, August 1, 2007


These last two weeks have been full of that special kind of crazy that life throws at you.

I'm bulleting it, because it's kind of all over the place.

*I was in not one, but two car accidents, within five minutes of each other, on the 20th.  I can't really go into too much detail, as it is embarrassing and still a little unsettling for me.  The long story short is that I had the kids with me in the Cadillac, and I stopped for some traffic, and the person behind me didn't; but he did stop asap, it just made a helluva noise.  It was someone I am related to, by marriage, yes, him; and I was rattled, just beside myself as it was a loud,hard hit.  I was calming kids down (all except Ryan, who said "WOW!  Mommy that was COOL!") as I waited to turn left into a shopping center, mentally rehearsing the phone call to my Dad ("Um, yeah, I wrecked your car" which, in the grand scheme of things is not as bad as "Hey, I got knocked up on prom night") when I thought I noticed the traffic moving, and assumed I needed to go too, only to realize the left turn lane never goes as fast as the rest of the traffic and rear ending the lady in front of me.  Oh, joy.  The upside is we were all okay, we are all okay, and only my pride was injured.  Cars are replaceable and people aren't, and all that.  We're okay.  Really.  I am almost past second-guessing every move I make behind the wheel.  And I am grateful somewhat for insurance, even though they are snarky assheads who are more concerned with who got the citation (no one) than "are you okay?"  (Bitch.)

*The kids started school last week.  So now I have an eighth grader, sixth grader, third grader, and KINDERGARTNER.  The little miss started school!!  I was fine the first day, as Mr W was home, and we had the lovely Kaylen visiting us, and Nolan had a dental appt (nice planning there, Mom).  But Tuesday, I dropped her off alone, and when she turned to go into her classroom....**sniff**  I came home, and even though I didn't have to go into work Tues, I did--no need to cry in the house all day.  Or clean it, for that matter.  She has adjusted seamlessly, even if I haven't.  The nice thing is I know everyone at the school, as does she; and people were very kind to me last week, filling me in on little Audrey-anecdotes when I'd be going to pick her up.  My favorite is that on the first day of school, I was told she was telling one of her classmates "Relax.  Just relax." complete with the hand pat.  Her teacher sent me home a lovely note "Audrey helped out with the other kids today.  Thank you for sending her so well prepared for kindergarten."  I find myself feeling better about the whole thing every day.  My little smartie!  The boys are doing well too.  Ben is well, Ben.  His teacher said the kids like talking to him, even if he is not always starting up my little politician will be sitting alone for a bit.  And can I just say I want a gold star for getting them all up, fed, packed lunches, while getting myself ready for work...and getting them to school ON TIME?  On time!  Me!  It's a miracle.  Maybe that's the reason we are getting so much rain.

*Speaking of work, my work has moved into a new building.  It's so nice!  And you know what a new building desk.  NEW office supplies!  Combined with the new school supplies, I am in Crayon-smelling-post it purchasing-I gotta get new desk stuff-oh, do you need another binder-nirvana. (I take the fifth on my pen situation.)  We have a magnetic partition at our desks, so I have some cute magnets, too.  Now if it were not sub-zero in my section of the building...(although when it's as humid and hot as it is right now, I am not complaining too loudly about that)...

*Staying on work, I have increased my hours officially.  I had been working extra over the summer, and I found that getting paid better feels pretty damn good.  I've increased to twenty hours, and it's not bad, I retain some flexibility on my days as long as the twenty get done.  I get vacation and sick accrual now, and I can participate in the 401k, and stock stuff now too.  And get health benefits if I need to.  It's only hard in that it makes me totally juggle the schedule now.  I get up, get the kids off to school, leave once Nolan's ride gets here, and work 9-ish till 1:45, T-F, and at least 6 hours Sat.  Once I leave at 1:45, I head straight to school to pick the first group up, get them home, then about an hour later head off to pick up Nolan.  Keeps me busy, but I like it.  I'll have more opportunity to learn/relearn some things at work.  I should still be able to squeeze my volunteer time in.  Hooray :D

*My birthday approaches.  Ordinarily, I'd dread it a little, but I am looking forward to it, because I am going to Mexico.  It's only two days, and overnight, but I am not taking kids.  Or my husband.  I plan on sitting on the beach, drinking a little, and people watching.  Without hearing the words 'potty,' 'mommy,' or 'do you have any ideas for dinner yet?'  I'd let out a mariachi yell, but I can't do one.  Feel free to imagine one here.

*It's monsooning, a lot this week, and it's fantastic.  Nothing like a dust storm followed by crazy thunder and rain to make an afternoon interesting.  They can last two seconds, or two hours, and there's nothing like it.  I think this is my favorite time of year, even if it's so humid that parts of your body you didn't even know existed get sticky the second you step outside.  It's a small price to pay for some natural fireworks.  (At least until you get your utility bill.)

*My dad is officially not working.  His workplace got sold, and closed down, so now he's semi-retired.  All I have to say is "Poor Mom."  They're gonna drive each other nuts.  He'll be working again, in some capacity, by Christmas, mark my words.

How'd it get so late?

I better get to bed.  Don't want to mess up the on-time-for-school track record so soon.

I'll wait until next week for that.


jevanslink said...

Two accidents in FIVE MINUTES?  Yikes!!!.  That calls for EXTRA chocolate.

Mrs. L

pixiedustnme said...

finally, a real update.  Geesh, you sure did hold a ton of stuff in :-)  I'm giggling a little about the accidents.  Just how DO you explain that one to hubby when he gets home?  And I cannot believe she's onld enough to be in kindergarten already.  Where did the time go?!!

robinngabster said...

I love the "relax"  just relax part!  How funny!!  On Gabby's first day of school she told everyone her Mom and Dad shower together to save water!  Now she says things like (while watching tv)  "Hey Mom, in a few years you could qualify for that life insurance"  Hmmmmmph!

screaminremo303 said...

I see I'll have to have a talk with the Old Man about what doing the wife doggy-style REALLY means. It usually doesn't involve motor vehicles. Usually.

jckfrstross said...

oh my :) have a good week :)