Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To the top of the coconut tree

I have to admit, that in my sick, twisty mind, the first time I saw the title of the children's book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"  I stifled a laugh.  At best, it sounds like the soundtrack of a bad 70's porno; at worst, the stage name of your new daughter-in-law.

I was eventually bowled over by the colorful fun within its pages, and while I can't recite it like I can 'Goodnight, Moon', I have read it more than once.

I was going through the bookcase in Audrey's room, looking for 'Mrs McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash" (she's big on rhyming stories these days) when I found Chicka Chicka.  "I know that book!  Can we read it?"  Audrey exclaimed.

Half joking, I handed it to her and said, "I know you do, why don't you read it to me."

Now when I handed it to her, it was in the grand tradition of mothers giving children a momentary distraction so they may continue the task at hand, and absentmindedly, I prompted her, with the refrain of the book.  A few seconds later, was I ever surprised to hear her little voice...."reading" the book. 

I realize she has it memorized, but was so dazzled by her brilliance that I stopped what I was doing, and sat back on my heels, Mrs McNosh momentarily forgotten, watching her.

When she got to the part where "J and K are about to cry" and she rubbed her little eyes and said it in a theatrically crying way, I could only envision her ruling the world.

I sat through the rest of the reading, and then, we went and read it to Daddy.

I continued looking for Mrs McNosh, but she is nowhere to be found in the bookcases.

The word on the street is that she was last seen working the late shift at the Chicka Boom.


jevanslink said...

Today the Chicka Boom, tomorrow the dance pole.

Mrs. L

pixiedustnme said...

Ah, she is SO wise!  ;-)

robinngabster said...

Love that book!  I still love to read the poems in Gabby's Shel Silverstein books... "Where the Sidewalk Ends"  there are some great rhyming ones in his books too.

ekgillen said...

We quote that book all the time!!!  Many of my sentences start with Chica chica boom boom...