Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it...

This is the part where I whine, about how I have stupidly added more work in to my schedule without the foresight into how it would affect me...

I'm mental.  Frazzled.  Overwhelmed.

My head is going to pop right off my neck, and that is not pretty.

Consider my week:

Monday, I am off.  But so is Mr W.  Should be a win-win, and for the most part, it is.  But.

Tuesday thru Friday, I have the morning mad dash that makes me wonder what the hell I've gotten myself into.  Get up, shower, get myself halfway ready; get the kids up, make lunches, and breakfast, simultaneously while hollering at the sleepy heads to move, move, move; run them to school (cross fingers bell hasn't rung); run home, get Nolan finished with his breakfast and drive him to school; drive to work, work, work, work (yay!); run home, pick up first group of kids, take them home, breathe, use the bathroom for what feels like the first time that day; jump in the car about 1/2 an hour later and go get Nolan; praying that meltdown-girl catches a nap on the way; get home, get homework started, dinner started, clean up, bathtime, bedtime....hey, I'll get on the computer, in a minute...zzzzzzzzzz.   Is that my alarm going off?  What do you mean we're out of bread?

Saturday is a walk in the park, only me to get ready, off to work, see you later.

And Mr W?  Oh, he gets up, goes in to work out, goes to work, sometimes works out a second time, and shows up for dinner.  On the weekend, he does the laundry.  He comes home for lunch every day and deals with the dogs.

But I'm not bitter.

Much. :p

The house is a mess, I'm tired of taking cranky kids to the store with me afterschool, and I had a meltdown the other morning because Audrey left her crayons on the floor.  And there was dust everywhere, and dog hair on the carpet.  Not to mention the fact that is looks like the kids get off the couch with the cushions implanted in their asses, so the couch looks like someone drove over it with a semi.

So I am considering instead of four four hour days and a six hour Sat; three four hour days and an eight hour Sat, all so I can have an extra day off with everyone at school and Mr W at work.  

I'm sure I can fill that day with something.


chat2missie said...

Oh my, and I thought my days were frazled!!  Your day beats mine.

pixiedustnme said...

Hey, time to put those kids to work with an overload of chores.  Come on, they're getting old enough.  It's one of the perks!  Then they'll be too tired to doo too much whining at the store ;-)