Monday, June 13, 2005

If he offers to share his M&Ms, just say no.

I count heads..."Where's Ryan?"  I ask the boys.   "Bathroom," they all reply.   I turn around, getting ready to send Mr W in to get him, and out bops Ryan.  He's all excited.

"Look what I found!  Two pennies!!" he exclaims, holding them out in his hands for everyone to see.

"That's nice, sweetie,"  I say, in that absent-minded Mom way when it's not something to get hyper about, but needs a response.

"I was using the bathroom, and I sawed them at the bottom of the toilet!!  So I reached in and took them out!!"  he adds.


The other boys start taking a few steps away from him.  "Ryan, that's gross,"  Nolan says.

"Oh, but I washed them off when I washed my hands,"  Ryan defends himself.

Mr W and I sigh, shake our heads, and move toward the exit of California Adventure.  We were headed towards Disneyland for the night.  I try not to concentrate too hard on the fact that we are by the main entrance to the Adventure park, and that a bazillion people have probably used that bathroom throughout the course of the day (it was near closing time).  I also try not to think about what kind of sicko would throw pennies into a toilet??

As we walk across the way to get in the line for the other park, the boys start running away from Mr-Toilet-Hands, and he's chasing them, and it's fun for a minute, but then it gets on my nerves, so I tell the kids: "Oh, stop it.  He said he washed his hands and the pennies with soap, so knock it off, so we can get in line without someone killing themselves on the sidewalk here."

"But I didn't use soap, Mommy!  I just rinsed them off with water."

Oy!  He can't be serious! <forehead slap> I massage my temples, and try not to think about how I talked myself out  of bringing the hand sanitizer along. 

I hand him a Wet One out of my backpack, as we have a little discussion about not picking up things we find in the toilet.  Especially in a public restroom.  And I have a little aside glance at Mr W, that says "See, I told you we couldn't trust him to go to the bathroom unsupervised."  (His brothers had gone in with him, and apparently, didn't think waiting for him was part of the deal.)

I can only hope, I'm thinking to myself, that your brothers don't decide to make a game of this when we get home.  "Let's put a dime in the toilet, and ask Ryan to get it out!!"  Yeah, that'd be good for hours and hours of fun.  <eyeroll>

This curiosity about money with the little guy has been going on for a couple of months now.  While I'm horrified that he reached for the pennies, I'm not really all that surprised.  At any rate, his curiosity about money and the ground in general paid off the next day.

"Look, I found a dollar!!!"  he announced as we waited for the monorail, waving it up towards me.

Quickly, I grab his hand, shush him, and make sure that no one was standing around him...because he didn't find 'a dollar,'  he found a twenty-dollar bill.

Hmm.  Maybe he'll get to pick some lottery numbers for me this week....and hopefully picking numbers from a hat will be as much fun as picking up pennies out of the toilet. 

But I'll be buying some hand sanitizer, just in case.


deniden said...

You should tie him to a stick and wave him around on the beach, he can be like your own lil metal detector to find goodies, lol.


perkysgrl said...

Heck ya, buy some lottery tickets and let him scratch them or pick the numbers!!!  And NEVER talk yourself out of the hand sanitizer again :D


tdain2003 said...

ICK!!! I got the heebie jeebies reading about that!  Oh my what little boys will do!!!  Never a dull moment....
LOVE the $20... I love it when that happens : )

suzypwr said...

When he said he rinsed his hands in water, he probably meant the toilet water, anyway!


inafrnz247 said...

EWWW!  Very fun entry.  Kids just don't understand the whole germ issue.  

slyracing1 said...

As usual I can't totally relate to this story!  Kieffer [my lil accident looking for place to happen] is soooo lucky!  When we were in Vegas for World Mini Nationals he finds a $100 bill in the casino bathroom!  Then he asks his oldest brother to buy him a scratcher and wins $100! Buys another one with the money and wins again!!!!  I swear he is a money magnet!
Great story... you bring yours and I'll bring mine & I'll meet ya at the MGM GrAND!
Hugs, Kendra

slyracing1 said...

oops i can totally relate!
Hugs, Kendra

mom2kk11 said...

Now see, getting his hands full of "what not" in the toilet is worth it!  At least he paid for lunch the next day! Okay, who are we kidding? At Disney? He paid for a french fry, but still...