Friday, June 3, 2005

It never fails

Why is it--and it never fails--that when you are not looking your best, you run into someone that you haven't seen in a while?  Or are out with your beloved spouse and this is the one time they remember to introduce you to one of their coworkers, while you are trying to pretend the large stain on your shirt is really noticeably in the shape of a grubby hand, and not something you dribbled on yourself during lunch?

It never fails--I run into people when I have a booger showing, or something in my teeth.  Or on my chin.  $%*!@

Yesterday, I took Ben and all the kids +1 to the pediatricians office.  Our pediatrician is an old friend of ours, and I wasn't really worried about the state I was in, because he knows that I clean up well. 

We were slated to go swimming later, so I was presentable, but less than fresh, to put it politely.  Jeans (okay, there was a hole in 'em), a tshirt, a little makeup (vanity :p).  The kids were in the same state too.  I didn't want to go all out, what with it being our first day of break and the upcoming swim later.  Grubby is good.

We're in the room, waiting, when I see a woman walk down the hall.  I know who it is.  And I know she'll be coming back to see me.

Sure enough, my friend comes back to the room, "Oh, I'm not here for you yet, but someone else out here is..."

And in comes his wife, also someone I know, but I'm not as close to her as I am to him--looking fabulous, of course.  Cute ensemble.  Cute everything, she's very petite, and thin, and well, um, endowed with the chic tank top to prove it.  It was one of those bull-in-the-china-shop moments for me.   Grubby is bad.

She looked great, I told her so.  It was nice to see her and the sweet kids I've not seen for a while.  We had a little chat, and I tried not to wince when she told me I looked exactly the same as when she saw me last--no aging, lol.  (Okay, I'll take that.)  She oohed at the size of Nolan, because she couldn't believe how much he'd grown...or how much all of them have grown.  She said she was going Father's Day shopping next.  Ack!  When is that, I asked her, because mentally, I can't get past this upcoming week (we're going on vacation).  Great!  Not only can I not manage to jump in the shower twice in one day, but I can't remember when the day is that I celebrate Mr W's contribution to our offspring's emergence.  I roll my eyes just thinking about this.

Oh well, at least my shirt was (remarkably) free of handprints and there was nothing in my teeth.  And Ben checked out just fine, too.  Growing.  Healthy!

P.S.  I have bigger fish to fry today.  Somehow, in the last couple of months or so, Ryan has managed to misplace his Gameboy Advance SP (must use correct name, or face the wrath of the boys).  I never thought a small silver piece of plastic could prove to aggravate me so much, but it has.  He was getting so good about putting it away, that I stopped monitoring its whereabouts.  Again, something I should know better about....ugh, hindsight is 20/20 or about 80 bucks, I think, if I can't relocate it.  I'm sure it'll turn up, someplace/sometime when I least expect it.  So today, that is my mission, to try and find it, in a closet, under a couch cushion, whereever Audrey chose to hide it...wish me luck, I've got a long drive coming up...and if I can't find it, well, he's out of luck.  I'm not buying him another, although I'm sure those big brown eyes will start working on Tata in time for his September--or Mom will eventually cave, in spite of her big talk.


mum24boyz said...

good luck finding the Sp!! I hope you find it :)

pengboo said...

There must be a SP thief around.  We have a blue one missing.

rampage841512 said...

I've had this same problem.  Being a guy, it doesn't bother me much (okay, I'm twenty and single, it  bothers me).  It's never the best experience to run into the blonde bombshell from high school when I have not shaved in week.  And of course she wants a hug and I'm praying "Oh, God, please just let me not stink..."

lol...Good luck with finding the SP.  I actually misplaced I have a mission!


suzypwr said...

She was probably wondering how you can have 4 kids, not age, and look better than the last time she saw you :)