Saturday, June 4, 2005

I should be asleep

I am such a baby.

I need to be asleep, but I can't sleep.  I'm waiting for Mr W to come home.  He's had a really long day.  I know he's fine, we've talked a couple of times on the phone.  Yawn.  Yet, here I am, pacing and listening for the garage door to open.  Just five more minutes, and then I'm heading in, I keep telling myself...and it's turned into two hours.

Ben is at my Mom's tonight.  He went to the baseball game (ASU hosting a regional tournament--they won tonight, go Devils!) and then home with my Dad.  He's excited about sleeping over at Nana's and the other kids are all jealous, lol.  In spite of all his complaining about how Ben annoys him, Nolan is having a hard time sleeping tonight too without his brother in the room.  I finally told him to go into my bed and that Mr W would move him when he gets home.

As I was driving around today, and I heard Ben say: "You blow the air out."  Very patiently.  He murmurs some instructions, and then I hear him say it again, and this time, I hear a little spit fly.  ???

He was trying to teach Audrey to whistle.  It has to be one of the cutest things I've ever heard.  She hasn't learned how yet, and he keeps trying.  Sweet!

Listening to him a couple of weeks ago at the ball game was sweet too.  He decided to take Ryan under his wing at the ball park, and teach him the basics of batting and how it works that each team takes the field after 3 outs, etc.  I was silencing him because he was kinda loud, and he says to me that he's practicing on Ryan, "for when I have kids someday."  Oy.  How do I tell him to shut up after that?  I couldn't help but just sit there and listen to his tutorial instead. 

Nolan has been saying, to my great surprise, "I'll take care of her."  "I'll do it." "What can I do (to help you out)?" He suddenly is interested in being Mr Helpful.  I'm certainly over my surprise now, and taking him up on it every chance I get. 

Ryan?  Well, he's prone to fits of temper these days, because he so desperately wants to be the big kid, and he's not there yet, so he gets frustrated.  Tonight, he was going on about apple trees, and how he wants one in the backyard.  I try to explain to him that that is highly unlikely in our climate, but he's not hearing any of it.  I suspect there will be apple seeds strewn about the yard any day now.  It didn't help any that the book he chose for me to read tonight was called "Apples, apples, apples" lol.

Of course, I've had my fair share of "DON'T touch her stuff" "Give THAT back" "Where did the dog pee?" "Go to your room"  And I cringe to admit this passed my lips today "DON'T make me stop this car!" Only the second day of break, and we're off and running...

Just like the little miss, who has been overjoyed to have the boys around all day.  Minions!  She has minions to cater to her whims, with no waiting!

And there it is, the sound I've been waiting for, the garage door opening.



ksquester said...

I remember when my husband was a resident. We didn't have enough money to pay for parking, so he parked in the "projects." Often he would get off and home in the wee hours of the morning and I knew we was OK, but would sit up until I saw his car in the driveway. I certainly remember the feeling of comfort that gave me. :-)   Anne

perkysgrl said...

You sound like me, listening for the garage door opening.

Hubby works swings (430pm to 230am) and seriously, my body clock wakes me

up around 245-3am every night when he is at work... I guess its my subconscious

worrying about him or what not...

Too cute about Audrey learning to whistle... and its extra cute because her brother

is trying to teach her... awww.... :D

Have a great weekend!!


suzypwr said...

Who can sleep when one of the brood isn't home yet?

Your kids are going to grow up to be most excellent adults and parents - such a wonderful home life can do that to people :)


karnic3881 said...

Just wanted to say I love your journal, reading about your family and life.. it's something to be envied and hoped for, you are very lucky. :)