Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sometimes trying something new is a good thing

I've always been really resistant to having any extra electronic doodads in the car.  Music is one thing, but I have always been old school about DVD players, etc. coming along.   I mean, why not read, or play road games, or oh, I don't know, talk?  I've travelled without them forever, and I'm hardly damaged by being forced to occupy myself with only a radio or a book.  Even when we've traveled with the kids in the past, they've been perfectly content with personal CD players and Gameboys. 

I am a big enough person to admit right here that I was wrong, wrong, wrong

This trip, my brother lent us his DVD system, that has two screens for viewing..one for back seat, one for middle seat...and Jane lent me her DVD player, which we allowed the little miss to use (she wouldn't want to get stuck watching the big kid movies anymore than they would want to endure the Barbie torture).  We weren't even really out of town, when Mr W turns to me and says, "Wow.  Do you hear that?"  "What?"  "Silence."  "It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?"  Bliss!  No squabbling.  No "Give me that!  It's mine!" (before we leave the driveway) No "how much further?"  Just silence.

I'm so jazzed, we call my brother..."Thanks, man, for letting us use your DVD player setup.  We love it..."  I hand the phone over to Mr W, so he can say a few words..and he echoes my sentiments, then adds "It's sooo quiet, dude, and it's amazing...it's better than sex."

Excuse me?  I raise an eyebrow, giving him an incredulous look.  How long have we been married?  You'd think he'd know by now that comments like that do not ingratiate you to your wife...maybe the next time he gets that lovin' feeling, I'll be ornery and point to the DVD player.  Although I must admit that the whole silence factor is quite noteable, I wouldn't say it's better than sex.  Dork!  Comments like that guarantee you are alone the next cold, dark night. 

At any rate, the movies kept 'em all entertained.  I don't think we heard one "are we there yet?" until we were indeed almost there.  And we still got to talk, because they'd come up for air every now and then with a question about the movie, or just to ask if they could have another treat.   We would have also brought along their game systems, but there just wasn't any room....

And that led us into daydreaming about getting a new van...with a DVD system, of course...and after we had our 'which-way-do-we-go' spat, I added, "and it has to have GPS, so that we don't -ahem- have to be at the mercy of Mapquest."  Not that we're rushing out for a new vehicle anytime soon, but should we do....

well, I guess I know where Mr W will be sleeping.


suzypwr said...

GPS makes errors, too. I was in a rental car with one, driver seeking coffee. We were led to an empty field rather than a Starbuck's.


deniden said...

My dad has a GPS thing for his motorcycle, but you can detach it and put it in your car and stuff. It doesn't always give you the easiest route, but it does give you a fast one.


womandriver2 said...

Mapquest sure isn't as good as it used to be.... my husband's work uses it to give to drivers when dispatching orders... he ends up lost and in the wrong area more times than he actually finds what is on the paper!

pengboo said...

I don't even bother with mapquest anymore.  Mappoint.com works so much better.


inafrnz247 said...

We "invested" in the portable DVD player for our girls this past Christmas.  I felt the same way...BEFORE...when I thought music was the limit in the car.  I mean what a great time for communication, right??  Oh, this silent bliss...  :O)

slyracing1 said...

Once again I agree!  Only I love the DVD player in the car so I don't have to use the imaginary brake when my hubby is driving on long trips!  When I am driving the movie has to be one I can follow while listening!  [ Lord of the Rings is not a good listening movie!]  Anyway... Summer started here today!  Kids are out and we are just riding Mother Nature's Roller Coaster Ride here in Ca!
Hugs with Love,

mum24boyz said...

hhhmmm.. i've yet to invest in one of those as well...will have to give it a try!

tdain2003 said...

I felt the same way you do about the DVD player in the car.  My kids want one... I don't.... but I might just have to if we have a long road trip coming up.
I would totally point to the DVD player next time hubby wants some : )... lol
Mapquest give the WORST directions, ever!