Thursday, September 8, 2005

Paper or plastic?

When you have pets, you always walk the fine line between love and hate. 

There's nothing like the nudge of a snout under your hand as your dog asks for a scratch behind her ears.  Velvet fur, so snuggly.

There's nothing like tripping over your dog as he lays down directly behind you with the stealth of a commando as you stand at the kitchen counter making dinner.  Doh!

Max is growing really fast.  He's huge in comparison to the little pup I brought home five months ago.  I really need to get on his obedience training, because I suspect I've been lulled into a false sense of security in regards to his behavior.  It's only a matter of time....before ____.

He has decided lately that chewing is fun.  So, so, fun.  Being a lab means being a chewer, and I was prepared for it. 

I wasn't prepared for him to chew thru two garden hoses, one the day after I bought it. "You owe me ten bucks, dog,"  I said when I discovered the stump of the hose still attached to the faucet this last time.  (Pat, pat on the back for not springing for a more $ one!)

He's an I'm-bored-you-left-me chewer, I've noticed, so unfortunately for him, I can't leave him out of the crate if I'm not home, not even for a few minutes. 

Barbie can testify to that.

She's given up her hands and a huge chunk of hair to the cause.

Obi-Wan can testify to it.

He lost his head, a leg, an arm, and both hands.  (I call him our 'shark attack victim.')

I found pieces of pink plastic; springy, circular pink plastic in the living room last night as I was doing the evening routine before bed of "if they don't see me throw it out, then they won't miss it."  What is that, I wondered, mentally cataloguing all the springy pink plastic things in the house.

I found out this morning, it's one of their dog toys....minus a nub.

It doesn't stop at plastic either.  Both dogs are particularly fond of paper products.  Paper towels, kleenex, <ugh> whatever they find in the kids' bathroom trashcan, it's all fair game. 

Sometimes, it looks like it snowed in the living room.

As I open the back door, and issue a command they are becoming more and more familiar with--"OUT!"-- I have to wonder.

The next time we are scooping up dog-doo in the backyard, will I find paper, or plastic?


robinngabster said...

You crack me up!

dbp2000 said...

I can relate!  Funny entry.

suzypwr said...

Crayons are good, too.

My younger dog used to go upstairs and take little bites out of the drywall in the hallway. She also ate part of my antique desk. I had to get a new sofa, and my box springs don't look too good. It took her a long, long time to grow out of that - I think it was separation anxiety. Paper and plastic I am OK with, now.


pixiedustnme said...

Did I mention that's what you get for bringing home a dog??

tillysweetchops said...

Thank Goodness I read this today. Every once in a while I feel broody and want to race out and get the fluffiest doggy I can find (I'd love a Tibetan Terrier) but you've reminded me what a commitment they are. I'm not ready for another child yet! (Besides I don't think there's anything left intact for a dog to chew - my kids got there first)
Tilly x

mom2kk11 said...

The dog I grew up with NEVER outgrew this. She just remained a chewer. We would find EVERYTHING in her poop. Beads, paper, plastic, pieces of our shoes - RAZOR BLADES. Ick.

I hope your pooches outgrow it!


tdgulledge said...

Have been reading your journal and love it! I have a love-hate relationship with my australian shepherd . He actually chewed through the brake system on my husband's SUV, he was on his way to work and the brakes went out! I think the dog was so smart he was trying to knock my husband off! If it wasn't for my daughter marching up and down the street with a big poster that said "SAVE MY DOG" he would have been so out of here! (That was 5 years ago!) Please come visit me, I think we are related!  Tammy
ps you may want to read my entry called lake trip and dog poop!  

astaryth said...

I just gave Morgan a HUGE hug <LOL> The only thing she ever tears up is paper... and only if it is on the floor where it doesn't belong. She is really good about only playing with/chewing on her own toys. I'm sure your pup will outgrow this... probably <g>