Monday, September 12, 2005

Because sometimes, I'm the two year old

Mr W called me from work a couple of months ago.  "We are being sent to a class in September.  Out of state, so I'll be gone for a few days."

"Okay."  Rah-rah, you go honey!  I'll be fiiine!  Holding down the fort!  Super!!!  I can do it!

He left yesterday.

No kid breakdowns yet.

But I had one.

I called him yesterday afternoon, just to see how things were going.  "Where are you?"

"Oh, we just crossed the Golden Gate Bridge."

Let me just say that San Francisco is one of my favorite places.  Love it.  I've only been there once, and I had such a good time, that I think about going there again, all the time.  I've suggested it, too, only to be met with resistance.  So to say I was irritated is an understatement.  Sure, it's juvenile, he's actually in San Jose for work, and I knew they were getting in early and certainly didn't expect him to sit in his hotel room and pine away for me, but did he have to go there?  I mean, really, while I'm here playing Mommy, he's in Ghirardelli Square, eating my chocolate?  He doesn't even really like chocolate!   Hmmphf.  (a fictitious example...if he'd said they were headed there, well, I think that would justify a spa week)

"Don't come back.  Seriously, I'm not talking to you.  You suck.  Must go.  Have to go make and feed all your kids dinner."

I was at my folks' house, and my father did not understand my irritation.  As I ranted blah, blah, "I never get to go anywhere," blah, blah "he never has to worry about anything, because I'm always here" blah, blah "he gets to do (tick off on fingers, you name it, I said it)" blah, blah "it's so totally not fair" blah, blah....he cuts me off.  And begins to say that Fisherman's Wharf,Fisherman's Wharf, for the love of God, is overrated, I cut him off:  "It is not. I've been there.  You are missing my point."  "Well, why don't you book yourself a trip somewhere, and leave him with the kids,"  <SNORT loudly from me> "Oh, so you want to go with him alone..." <more obnoxious noise from me>  I could feel my head about to spin so I just huffed and grabbed the keys.  "You said you wanted to go to the store.  Let's go."

I know I'm being unreasonable.  This is work, and he didn't choose the locale.  But wow, it grates me so; and who says I always have to be super! great! go ahead!  all the time?  I hope his class is mind-numbingly, yawn-a-minute, boring.

When he called me, later last night, I did talk to him.  I can't not talk to him, that's just an empty threat, he knows it, I know it.  He told me he was telling M, his coworker that is with him for this jaunt, that I was mad, and M didn't believe him.    "It wasn't my idea," Mr W adds, "but we had all this time to kill, and M suggested it..." "Tell M I think he sucks too," I responded. "And you need to stop trying those excuses right now.  It's no good, buddy.  Forget the iPod, and the puppy, you are back to square one."  He's laughing at me now, so I'm trying not to laugh, too. 

"So is your hotel right across the street from the place where you're training, like the description said?"  "Yeah, and it's nice, but not that nice."  "Are you making your bed?  Are you cleaning up after yourself and washing dishes?  No.  So I don't want to hear, "it's nice, but not that nice."  Dude, the last time I was alone someplace, with someone else changing my bed and bringing me dinner, I was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  You have clean towels, a made bed, and aren't having to do anything but order for dinner, so it's nice enough."

I'm sure I'll be missing him badly, and gushy by Wednesday night.  Maybe.

All I know is on Thursday evening, when we pick him up, there better be a present somewhere for me.

And I'm not talking about the "hon, come over here" kind.


billandnae said...

Oh we are so much alike.  I actually didn't let my husband go to his works convention back in Feb.  no way was I gonna end up with bounced checks because he ran out of the last time!  Besides, I was jealous that I couldn't was in Nashville.

Hey now, you don't want it to be too boring, that's how they end up in strip clubs!

perkysgrl said...

Don't worry... I get the same way when Derek goes away to school...

Sacramento... Monterey... Los Angeles...

Ugh, all the good places to go!!!

So, what kind of school was in San Jose?  My dad was just there for some Computer Forensics class (he is a Dept. Sheriff).

And just to let ya know, I'm only 1.5 hours away from San Fran!  Anytime you want to head out to Cali, I'll meet ya there for sure!!!  For some Chocolate and Clam Chowder!


mombzbe said...

Actually, Nae, I did tell him, during the course of our conversation, that I was probably the only wife in the world that wouldn't get mad at him for a strip club but would get mad at him for San Fran.  LOL

robinngabster said...

This made me giggle. My husband is frequently gone, for long periods of time (once a year) for work (USAF) and it doesn't bother me at all. Sure I miss him but I know it is for work and as long as he brings me back some damn good souviners I am cool with all of it. Besides...he gets to take pics of places I have never been and I get to see it thru his eyes...the strip club would not bother me either...except that I didn't get to go too. He  went to Hooters once with the "boys" while out of town and they lied and said it was his bday so he would get all kinds of attention from the Boobie girls! I just laugh...they are MEN they can't help it!

tillysweetchops said...

What a laugh Anna! I have to confess that when my husband is away for a day or two I breathe a sigh of relief - It's one less kid to cooke and clean for!
Tilly x

screaminremo303 said...

This is probably a bad time to tell you what we won in the golf raffle.

::: chirp-chirp:::

2 trips to Hooters, a weekend in Laughlin, and a whole bunch more.

"Mmmmm, Chocolate..."

suzypwr said...

I totally get your point! Still, it's not his fault, lol. The guilt factor should get you something worthwhile, though.


yaya1 said...


jckfrstross said...

Heres hoping you get a trip alone soon!!!


lazarai said...

I know how you feel, believe me...especially with young kids at home. But now that my kids are teens, I tell ya, I ENCOURAGE their dad to go away with the guys (he'll be whitewater rafting in W. Va in a coupla weeks with them). Why? Because each time he goes, I immediately plan a "girls' weekend." We've been to the mountains, Orlando, and next year, the Jersey Shore. No husbands and best of all, NO KIDS!! While I love my family time, there's nothing like the freedom of being with girlfriends!

So I say, go call some friends and go to the spa or somewhere...


tdain2003 said...

LMAO - your entries kill me.... you make me laugh so hard.  Bless your heart!