Wednesday, September 14, 2005


...more day.

Oh, I was fine, just fine, damn it.  Then I called him yesterday, after dropping off Audrey at preschool, and that wasn't a good idea.  Sigh.

I hesitated to call, because I wasn't sure if it was his lunchtime or not, but then a block of his favorite music came on the radio, and there's nothing like the wailing of Steve Perry to remind me of Mr W.

Crap, am I ever weak.  Pathetic! 

So I called, and luckily, it was lunchtime.

We chatted, I let him know how well she did (she didn't even notice me leave, ungrateful brat) and it became apparent to me by the sound of his voice he misses me, too.

Okay.  <eyeroll> 

This doesn't mean I didn't sass him last night when he called the kids.  I do have an image to uphold, you see.

On another note, the getting-them-up-for-school thing is not going well.  Lots of drama, "five more minutes" and "can I stay home todays" every morning.  Nolan even went so far as to pull the "I just want to spend time with you" speech.  Yah, that works.  I patted him on the butt and said, "Oh, that's sweet, honey, but you're going anyway."  Smack! 

Besides, I've dangled the "maybe I'll not send you on Friday, when your Dad will be back" carrot in front of them.

Dangled, not promised.

I'm nothing if not a good motivator.

Which is why I'm sitting here, and not out running errands, one of which includes my attempt to figure out why my van made such a funny noise this morning.  A noise so bizarre that as Ryan exited the vehicle, he made a face at me/the van and ran away. 

Just add "mechanic" to my list of talents.  :p

It fits nicely right next to my list of emergency phone numbers.


perkysgrl said...

Aww, Missing Mr W :)

Don't worry, you aren't the only one
who misses their husbands when they
are away :)

And I've been having a hard time
with getting the kid up for preschool...

Keeping them home when Dad gets home
will be nice though... Keep dangling that
Carrot :)

Hugs, Jennifer

suzypwr said...

It sounds like "mechanic" IS one of your emergency phone numbers!

pixiedustnme said...

>giggle< ok, sorry - still snorting Pepsi out of my nose from the comment two posts ago where your dad suggested you leave the kids home.....alone.....with their dad..... only a man could say such a thing!

nicurnmama said...

please tell me it wasn't "Open Arms"!