Thursday, September 29, 2005

The best time of day

Audrey is moving right along.  She's loving preschool, making a few friends of her own, and giving up her nap.

<Cue 'Taps'>

Can I just say that this is a blessing and a curse? 

Sure, she goes down for the night pretty easily and earlier on days she misses the nap.

But this is only after making the witching hour in my house ultra-witchy, complete with full-on jumping-up-and-down theatrics, whining, and crying for nothing at all.

I thought that was my gig.


jckfrstross said...

LOL glad she likes school


pixiedustnme said...

oy, those transitions from naps are the worst - although I have to say there are days when I miss naptime!  of course now that princess is back in school i guess i pretty much can create my own naptime - well, at least on the days i'm not working :-)

jevanslink said...

PMS starts early.  Mrs. L

suzypwr said...

It will get uglier in a few years. With a girl, these are the good times. Wait until she is bigger than you are.

Yes, we all said "not my child."


chseroo said...

One time in the grocery store, my son was acting so horrid. (I told him loud enough for the other Mothers around to hear me)  " You just wait until I take you back to your parents. They are going to be ashamed of how you are acting".

Of course he was wailing so loud he didn't hear me. But I think they all got that *better mom than me *look off their face. It is easy to say your kid doesn't act like that when they aren't with you. ;) I feel bad when I catch myself looking at some frazzled Mom like she isn't doing a good job. I can't help it... I know it's bad...
***Monica ~ who's kids have been acting horrid again today~