Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Move it, move it

"I like to move it, move it...I like to move it, move it...we like to move it, move it...."

This song is now stuck in my head.

Faced with the dreaded half-day of school, I loaded 'em up and we went to the dollar movies to see "Madagascar" cuz we'd missed it when it first came out.  My extra kid for the day, K, assured me it was a good movie.  

I was kinda concerned we wouldn't find a seat when I noticed a large group, like a daycare or something like that, entering the theater just as we were.  But we found seats, and settled in, giant popcorn and giant drinks in hand.

I thought the penguins and the lemur king were the best part of the movie. 

Until the credits rolled, and this song was playing.  

My kids were all dancing and singing along.  Of course.  Ryan will shake his groove thang at the first note of just about anything.  But some movement in my peripheral vision made me turn my head...

And I was treated to the sight of rows and rows of kids dancing and singing along on the other side of the theater.  

It's a shame I didn't have any light-sticks.

We could've turned it into a mini-rave.


astaryth said...

I have a dance pad and DDRMax (and yes, I AM 44 <g>). I bought them for the workout section. I try to dance at least 100 calories a day... sometimes I do, other days I don't have time. It's fun and it gets me up and moving... ANYWAY, that song is on the game disk and I love it ;)   You can't help but dance when you hear it. Oh, and I thought that Madagascar was a great movie. Sounds like a fun day!

pollysci said...

hahaha god, you were at a pre-K rave! :D


jckfrstross said...

What fun:)


perkysgrl said...

Yep, that was so stuck in my head after we watched that movie too..

In fact, Rowan still busts out with "Move it, Move It"

Glad you had fun :)


yaya1 said...