Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Tuesday Two--part two

Yup, the week I decide to play, it's a special two-for-Tuesday-two.   This will bug me, as I nod off, so I had to do it.   Otherwise,  I'd feel like I got to the last chapter, but decided to return the book without finishing.  :-p


If you feel that you are your worst enemy, then think about the worst quality you have that makes you feel this way:  if you had the power to remove that quality from your personality with the snap of a finger, would you?  Why or why not?

<damn this infernal font that will not change...what is up with this?  anyone?  the comments are small, if you get the alert at need to type the entry in 14 or get itty bitty letters...grrrrrr...magnifying glasses...conspiracy....pfft>

Okay, I've always considered myself to be my own worst enemy. I'm hard on myself.  I'm stubborn.  I procrastinate.  Individually, they are quirks.  Together, they are noise in my head that complicates my day, so I'm counting them as one.

Would I remove this if I could?  Nah.  I'm used to it being there, and I know how to turn it off, or turn it up, when I need it.

There are days when you need to kick yourself in your own pants.  (turn it up)

And there are days when it's better to sit in your pajamas. (turn it off)



chseroo said...

I am my own enemy too... No patients here. But unlike you, I would change it if I could. I am sure my family would benefit from it if I could just chill a bit.


yaya1 said...

its easy to fix the problem i was freaking out too but u go to view text size and change it there hope it works for u

tdain2003 said...

vedddy interesting!  I like the way you think.  I'd have to say, I'd remove mine

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Well, I'd say that's a reasonable answer.  <grin>  Sounds like you know yourself quite well and are very comfortable in your own skin.  I think that's something we all need to strive for.  


tillysweetchops said...

Without our quirks I'm sure we'd all be very dull indeed!

Tilly x