Sunday, November 20, 2005

Man in black

We went to see Harry Potter yesterday morning.  We all liked it, but I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed.  However, I do realize, as I pout about all the scenes that could-have-been, that the movie can't go on forever.  I didn't mind the dark tone, or the violence, I minded feeling rushed through the abridged version.  I'm sure it'll still make scads of money at the box office, and I'll see it again. 

While we were waiting for the start of the movie, there was a preview/interview regarding the Johnny Cash bio, "Walk the Line" (?).  I love Johnny Cash.  When I was little, I was convinced my Tata was Johnny Cash (same hair).

We used to call Nolan "Johnny Cash".   What else could you call a two yr old with a penchant for wearing all black (top and bottom)?   The all-black stemmed from a love of Batman.  And anything with Batman on it--usually black.  (I was soo delighted that he loved Batman.  We watched the cartoon all the time, and well, he is my favorite--you can keep that goody-goody Superman, and send over the dark knight, anytime.)

Anyway, as we watched the preview, there was a scene where someone was giving Johnny crap (can you imagine that) about the all-black ensemble (pan to Joaquin-Phoenix-as-Johnny--wow); I looked over all the kid heads at Mr W, who looked at me right then too--and we exchanged knowing grins as we nodded our heads towards Nolan.  So funny that we both remembered it at the same time. :)

Looks like a good movie, maybe we'll go check it out.  Decked out in black, of course.

For now, I'm pleased to see that Patrick is continuing the Saturday Six.  It's got a new home, here.  This week, it's episode 84.  I think.

1. What was the last movie you watched at a theater completely alone?  Haa.  I don't even get to go to the bathroom alone, much less to a movie.  I can't remember!  How sad it that???

Would you have enjoyed it more or less if you had gone with someone to see it? Who knows?  I don't mind going to movies alone, so I'd probably be fine on this one.  I'd enjoy it...about the same, alone or with someone. 

2.  What was the last non-sexual thing you did around the house completely naked?  I took something out of the oven.  No one likes burnt chicken nuggets.

3. How well do you know your neighbors? Would you like to know them better or not know them?  Well enough to know when something doesn't seem right about their house.  I don't feel the need to know them better, but am anyway because my kids spend enough time outside that I wind up chatting with them.

4. Take this quiz: How much of a conspiracy nut are you?  I am 29% conspiracy nut.  Not obsessed, but interested.

You are a little bit of a conspiracy nut. You know about the big conspiracies - but it doesn't take up too much of your time. You have accepted that people lie, and get away with everything - so you don't dwell on the loch ness monster too often.

5. Of the following "conspiracies" mentioned in that quiz, which single one would you most like the "truth" about and why?  Ha, the alien one.  I think that the universe is a vast place, and to think we are unique, that no other life exists, well, come on.  

6. If you had to create a slogan that defined your life, what would it be?  "Motherhood.  An Army of one."


nicurnmama said...

ooooI wanna see Joaquin too. Seriously, the previews look prety good and I just might go....but I still must see Rent and then there is all this other "stuff" carved out for the next month. There's not enough days when you are an army of one!

pixiedustnme said...

only 29%?  I'm so disappointed in you >ROFL<  I think Walk the Line looks good too - Couldn't convince my dad to go see it yesterday though - oh well.... :-)

tdain2003 said...

I love your slogan!  Ain't that the truth?!
I can't wait to see Walk The Line as part of it was filmed here.  When I was in 'Oliver' at the community theatre, our director's kids went to the extra's casting call and all three of them were in the movie.  The youngest one plays either Johnny's son or younger brother.  His name is Cody.  It doesn't hurt that Joaquin is some nice eye candy either : )

mosie1944 said...

We saw Walk The Line yesterday; I loved it, but I've always been a huge Johnny Cash fan.  There's a lot of his music in it, so if a person didn't care for his music, they might not like the movie.  

suzypwr said...

If your shades were up when you took out the chicken nuggets, then your neighbors already know you better.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

First...LOVED your slogan. LOL

Secondly, I scored the same on the quiz.  Well, actually, I was at 42%, but it said the exact same thing. funny that Nolan liked to wear all black.  I think that's the first time I've heard of a kid actually liking black.  <grin>


tillysweetchops said...

Hope you realise that all your readers have that chicken nugget moment burned into their imagination!

Tilly x

chseroo said...

I get the privledge of going to see HP tomorrow. I don't know how I have gotten by with putting it off this long. I don't like going to the theatre. I would much rather wait for video. But my kids love going, so I must make them happy :o).... But somehow the plan to go see it has evolved into me not only taking my boys, but 6 of the boys from the ball team!!! Hubby has to drive some of them in his vehicle and some of them will be in mine... How do I get into things like this?!?

I will be around reading, if I it takes me a few days to comment, just know I am really busy right now.  LOL...   But I just wanted you to know, I am here.