Friday, November 11, 2005

Check the mailbox

I have a confession to make.

I really, really hate checking the mail.  It's always 90% crap, 10% things I need to deal with.

Earlier this week, the mailman decided to slap me on the wrist, and left me a pink postcard telling me that my mail was at the post office, so I had to go there to claim it.

Nice.  It'd only been a couple of days, I think.  (I know, it's a mail-fraud-stealing danger, I know...I'll be good from here on out...)

But 'tis the season of the catalog, and it filled up fast.

My, my, what's this??


It's the Kraft Food and Family magazine.  The holiday issue.  "OVER 50 of our favorite Holiday recipes" the front cover exclaims.  Oooh!  Goody!!!  (claps hands)

Have you ever seen the pictures in this thing?

It should come in a plain brown wrapper, this tasty bit of food porn.

Not that I'm one to necessarily buy a lot of prepackaged stuff, because I usually don't.  I might cheat a bit, and use something as a side, but usually I use this book for inspiration.  Quick weeknight ideas.  Yummy "gotta take that dessert in to work" ideas.  It's just a perk that if you need to rely on it, the Kraft products-you-need-to-use propaganda is spread throughout, so you don't have to think, just write it on your shopping list. 

And it's so fantastic to look at.  Nothing could ever be that perfect, could it??  I mean, once a child sticks his/her finger in the side of the cake, it's all over, isn't it?

I love Martha Stewart Living, and her FOOD cookbook that is the size of Reader's Digest but a much better read.  But that stuff can sometimes get complicated; and we all know that Mr W isn't going to try anything entitled "Goat Cheese and Red Pepper Pasta,"  or anything containing the words "balsamic vinaigrette."  Come to think of it, the kids would probably have issues with it, until they take the first experimental bite and proclaim "Mommy, you're the best cook.  You should open a restaurant."  (Yeah, right.  Right after I open up this can of soup, and accept the Nobel Peace Prize.  There's nothing like keeping all these kids happy to give one lessons in diplomacy, afterall.)

"Do you believe in holiday magic?" the front page asks.

I don't know.  Let me take a look....

pg 22...(choc peppermint cake) 41 (italian veggie bake) 47 (chops-on-top pork & stuffing supper)....

Anyone got a cigarette?


jckfrstross said...

oh i love thaat magizine its so wonderful!!!lol


screaminremo303 said...

Do they have a chapter for Mr. W?

"Hamburger - it's not just for breakfast anymore."

astaryth said...

<LOL> about the mail thing. I do that. I pick up the mail once a week. We live in an apartment, and they put the mail in a little box in a gazebo that you have a key for. If I forget and let it go 2 weeks (or so <g>), then it is stuffed in so tight I can barely get it out <ROFL>

dbp2000 said...

Oooo ... that chocolate peppermint cake sounds delicious!  Enjoy your holiday baking.  Loved the entry!

onemoretina said...

   Tonight I'm skippin' dinner and heading straight for the dessert.  Tina

tdgulledge said...

Isn't it amazing the things they can do with crescent rolls???? LOL Tammy

bridgetteleigh75 said...

You couldn't POSSIBLY think food was better than sex...could you???  LMAO

Well, maybe sometimes.  <grin>


tdain2003 said...

But I do love my freebie Kraft thing in the mail, too : )

chseroo said...

I don't know if you know it or not, but I work for the USPS. I fuss and cuss all day long about people that don't check their mail. LOL... Bad Anna! ;P

I love the Kraft magazine too. I loved it when they had the little pull out book in it that had all different lunch box ideas. I have to fix 4 lunches everyday. (Kids plus hubby) so it came in handy. Gave me some good ideas beyond pb&j sandwhiches.

You seem like me, it is the little things in life that get you excited. LOL

Have a good week!