Friday, November 18, 2005

Parental torment can be sweet

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but there will be a dance in the Spring for the sixth graders. 

Nolan's class has been all a-twitter about it since September.

All that forethought, all that social planning--if only they showed that much enthusiasm for homework.

I don't know how it came about, but his father and I have been tormenting him.

First of all, like most kids, if he sees us hug or kiss, we get a big "eewwww."

Secondly, the thought of us being seen somewhere in public with him is starting to not be so appealing.

Because I am a sicko, I decided we would tell him, every chance we get, that we will chaperone this soiree in the spring.

So we shake our groove thang in the kitchen, and tell him, "Look, we're perfecting our moves."

We wiggle around the hallway, promising him that it'll look better in a bigger space.

Dancing cheek-to-cheek can be taken to another level entirely, and I swear, I think I saw the words, "My eyes!  My eyes!  It burns!" spontaneously appear above his head last night.

"Stop that,"  he says, exasperated as can be.

"No way, man,"  we tell him, as we double over in laughter.

We have no intention of doing it.  It's just fun to mess with the kid.

I'm sure he'll find some way to return the favor.


pixiedustnme said...

torment - a truly underrated bonus of parenting!

misscarberry said...

Since we don't live with our mum I have taken it upon myself to be my brother's main source of embaressment. Whether it's giving him big kisses in front of his mates or just inviting all my friends round when I know he's home alone, it's the sisterly thing to do :) Well, if I didn't do it, I would have my 'Big Sister' lisense revoked LOL
Love Sam xXx

chseroo said...

Just wait... Now they will call you to chaperone!!

It must be fun to be able to torture your kids like that, but mine don't care if I try to embarrass them. But I did embarrass my oldest recently. But he got me back big time... We were shopping in an upscale shop (don't ask why I brought him in with me). and he "passed gas" and then loudly whispered " Mom, you are embarrassing me" .... I nearly died! I was sooo mad at him


tillysweetchops said...

Another good one is the BIG kiss and hug outside the school gates - and if you're feeling extra mean you could always try giving the hair a last minute comb!

Poor little Nolan! LOL

Tilly x

tdgulledge said...

Husband and I live to embarrass our is our duty, it is our destiny.....LOL

slyracing1 said...

We did the same thing... My daughter would say this when she saw us smooching everywhere...  "You are both paying for my therapy!"  [ she was in high school]  I believe it is great to be teased by your parents & see them in love... how many kids today get to see that!!!!  Oh by the way... I did chaperone the dance but I left them alone because Sister Elisabeth was walking up to the slow dancing couples and waving a hand in between them saying "Leave room for the holy spirit"  -
picture Sound of Music kind of nun...  now that is a chaperone!
Hugs with Love Kendra

tdain2003 said...

I keep telling my kids it's my job as a parent to embarrass them.... they don't like it : )  

I told my oldest that I was going to be the chaperone at his dance and show everyone how to break dance.  He just rolled his eyes... lol


bridgetteleigh75 said...

My parents used to do the same thing to me...and I'm sure I'll do it to my kids.  

It's like a parental right.  <grin>


jcgeorgiapeach said...

OMGosh!  We do the SAME thing with ours!  Their dance is this December and we've been warned that our presence is not welcome.  Which of course means we'll drop them off, grab something for dinner and then go back, stand in a dark corner and giggle.  When they see us, we'll laugh and point at them.

Not really.  We won't point.  ~Peachy

onemoretina said...

Ohh, I am quite sure he will !! lol   But then, what fun is having kids if ya can't torment them every once in a while ... in a nice way, of course !  Tina