Tuesday, November 8, 2005

The Tuesday Two--Get your robe on!

I feel I can tackle this, now that I'm covered up in a bathrobe (in addition to pjs)...the Tuesday Two is letting its hair down!


For each pair, choose A or B, (indicate which question you're answering!)

You are invited to a party at a nudist colony through a program that seeks to introduce the concept to people who aren't already members.  You know the following things going in:  1) There'll be nothing "inappropriate" going on, 2) You won't know anyone who is there, and 3) You'll never again see any of the people who are present for the rest of your life.  Given these conditions, would you attend?



While housesitting for a close friend, you discover some nude photos of your friend that were left out in the open, and apparently completely by accident.  Would you look at the photos, and would you tell your friend that you found them?

I'll take "B", $300, for a daily double, Alex.

I have some hot, good-looking friends.  You bet your ass I'd look at them! 

Oh, stop it.  We are all voyeurs, on one level or another, or we wouldn't feel our eyes drawn to look at the occupants inside a house with open blinds.  We wouldn't stop to look at accidents, or bar fights, or the waitresses at Hooters.  No one would ponder, fake or real?  You wouldn't suddenly feel the need to check your mail when the neighbor is out mowing his lawn without his shirt on.

Everyone looks.  Admit it.

Would I tell them I saw the photos?  No.  Probably not. 

But I'm sure I'd have to explain at some point why I'm staring at their...assets.


chseroo said...

You answered the same way I would have. Except I have a few close friends that I would call , screaming with laughter and saying "Guess what I just found!!!"... Yup. I am that annoying friend that would never let them live it down.


onemoretina said...

I know I can't keep MY eyes in my head when there is something hot, nasty, intriguing, disgusting, or highly unusual going on.  It's nature's way.  Or maybe I am just one strange gal.  Either way, I look !  Tina http://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme

bridgetteleigh75 said...

And question A????  <grin>


tillysweetchops said...

How could anyone NOT look?

Admirable honesty Anna!!

Tilly x