Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Boo hoo

Yesterday afternoon, my oldest was in a pre-teen snit.  Moody, but not wanting to discuss it.  Moody, and getting on my nerves.

I mean, I understand the angst that comes with the tween category.  Be as moody as you gotta be, just don't rain on everyone else's parade.  You aren't the only child in the house.  Go to your room, or something.

Ugh, his mood continued when we left for aikido...and seeing as there are bitchies swirling in my air at the moment, my tolerance was low.  Shut up and leave him alone, I decided, don't make matters worse.

Tough for me, the touchy-feely, 'tell me' Mommy.

Anyway, he told us later he'd had a rough day.  A rough day where the girls at his table (group of desks) were upsetting each other, and stressing each other out to the point of tears.  Over math and the dictionary, of all things.  The girls were throwing proverbial hormonal elbows, and he didn't realize it's best, in these situations, to duck.

I was at a loss.  I mean, how can I tell him this is the tip of the iceberg of what he's about to be privy to?  That the girls, from here on out, will be acting like a broken nail is cause for alarm?

I don't want to scare him, afterall.  He's gonna have enough on his mind as it is just dealing with himself, much less dealing with the histrionics of his classmates. 

"Sorry, son, that's rough,"  I said to him.  "But you should expect some of that, from time to time, "  I added.   His Dad added a few words, too, and I couldn't hear them.

I'm sure they were along the lines of "I'm still dealing with it, now, and I'm a grown-up," as he gestured towards me with his head.

I glared at him anyway.

And he ducked.



screaminremo303 said...

How ironic that the episode of "Everyone Loves Raymond" last night was about how Debra gets a little psycho on a monthly basis.

I was going to tape it for him, but then I remembered he had a front row seat.

onemoretina said...

Does this ever sound familiar !  I had one kid who wasn't able to fully enjoy her unhappiness unless she could get everyone in the house in a snit !  I seemed to fall into the trap pretty easily.  My husband was much better at ignoring things, and waiting for the air to clear.  Poor kid.... it's always tough when I boys first learn that with girls, it's best to just lay low, and wait.  
    By the way, I've been visiting your son's journal, and he is one bright, clever and humorous kid.  He reminds me soooo much of my son at that age .... who is now studying to be a writer !  Tina

chseroo said...

I swear, when my oldest is in a bad mood, he isn't happy until everyone in the house is feeling just as crappy!! I fall for it everytime myself!

It is a huge adjustment because he has somedays where he is like my little boy that gets along with everyone and it the peacemaker. But then other days, he can't stand any of us because ~we breath! LOL... I know it is the whole hormonal thing, but I am used to being the only one in the house that is hormonal! Dang it. It just isn't fair. I didn't think I would have to deal with that stuff since I didn't have girls.


cyndygee said...

You are my HERO . . .  talking about NORMAL things and NOT word one about the . .   you know . . .  things that are hanging over our heads.

You know, I've got property, health, family, and relationship issues right now.  I'm not sure where ads slid into my online journal fit . . .  but I'm going to say probably NOT AT ALL . . .  don't sweat the banner ads!  LOL.

You're entertaining and I'm glad you are staying!