Sunday, October 9, 2005

Sixin' exorcism

Have you ever been sooo tired that you can't sleep?  My mind races everytime I lay down, in spite of the fact that I thought I'd nod off easily in hopes of continuing my muy fantastico dream from last night.  

Since it seems muy fantastico is a tough act to follow, I figured I may as well do the Saturday Six. 

Saturday Six - Episode 78

1. What's your favorite brand and flavor of ice cream when you go grocery shopping?  Is there any of it in your freezer right now?

My favorite?  I loooove Dreyer's Vanilla Bean, the full fat one.  However, I can't be trusted with it, so I don't buy it very often.  (It got a little embarrassing explaining to the kids why I was eating it straight from the carton with a spoon.)  I do have the light version in the freezer right now.  It'll do. 

2. When was the last time you ate a fresh fruit as a snack rather than something not "diet friendly?"

Ate an apple on the way home from work.   

3. Take this quiz:  What language should you learn? 
You Should Learn French

C'est super! You appreciate the finer things in life... wine, art, cheese, love affairs.
You are definitely a Parisian at heart. You just need your tongue to catch up...

My tongue? Ahem.  

Really, I guess it's a good idea, but my family can barely understand me when I'm speaking English.  "What?"  "I didn't hear you."  So I take my cue from "Finding Nemo" and I speak to them in whale, ala Dory.  Whatever works, even if it means that people in the grocery store look at me like I'm certifiable.  "Whe-eeere's youurrrr si-st-eerr?" 

4. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #72 from Cdmmw2:  If you could relive one moment of your life and watch it (like a movie) but not interfere, what would it be?

The hard thing here are the words "not interfere."  You can't help but want to relive certain moments with the edge, the insight you have now.  

So I'd have to pick the first time I met Mr W, the moment he helped me gain my footing by holding out his arm, perfectly, so I wouldn't wind up on my butt in the flower bed in front of our high school office.  So adorably chivalrous, I still get a little butterfly just thinking about it.  

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #73 from Debbie:  What was something you were afraid of as a child?  Did you overcome the fear?

Vampires.  I slept with a rosary from the time I was about eight, until sometime in high school, cross at the ready.   I overcame the fear, sort of; because other, more grown-up fears replaced it. 

That's what I get for having an overactive imagination, reading horror stories, and watching scary movies.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #74 from Anna:   If someone were to open your refrigerator right now, what item would it embarrass you most for them to find?

HEEEEY!  This is my question!! :D

Okay, there are six bottles of whipped cream on the door of my fridge. Two were leftover from a recent sundae-making phase the kids went through.  The others were from a trip I made to Costco last week, where I bought a pumpkin pie (Mr W's favorite) and was just tooo damn lazy to get some at the grocery store (after 5 pm, all the kids in tow).  I forgot had some already.  I bought the multi-packaged four (Costco, tsk, tsk) after checking the expiration date and deciding it'd get used up over the holidays.  Really, I swear, I'm not gonna use it for anything else...

Then of course, there's the little jar of baby glycerin suppositories.  "You want me to do WHAT?"  I said to the nurse after regaling herwith tales of kiddy constipation.   Honestly, I was taken aback for a minute or two, but you know how it is--there are some moments in parenting where you are required to get over it, deal with it, and move on.  (and hopefully, the kid moves too, lol)

And last but not least, the inevitable:  My children know where the plastic baggies are...and will "save something for later" without telling me, forget about it, and suddenly, we have the mystery baggie that slid down between the shelves and sat there unnoticed for a month or so....I find with these, it's best to toss it out and not try to guess what it once was.

<yawn...>  It worked!  I'm not even thinking about muy fantastico,  I'm thinking about--

Ice cream and whipped cream.  Great.

One vice exchanged for another.  <resist, resist>


chseroo said...

Great answers hun. Hummm, did you think of your question after reading about my fridge cleaning? LOL...  j/k

tdgulledge said...

What awesome answers!! I would be horrified of the science experiments one would find in the back of my fridge.....It always gets a good cleaning (along with oven) before my parents come down....You know how that one goes, my mom, the perfect cook, seamstress, housekeeper, I must have been adopted because I am severly lacking in all those departments!

tdain2003 said...

I found some of those baggies the other night while putting up groceries.... gave me the heebie jeebies to actually think how long some of that has been in the fridge....
My youngest does a perfect whale - a la Dory - drives his brother nuts but I freaking love it!
Whipped cream, huh.... lol.... my mind went straight to the gutter

tillysweetchops said...

For me it was vampires and all things to do with the unmentionable movie - the one starring Linda Blair and the green slime (I've got goosebumps just thinking about it!) I saw a sneak clip (the worst bit) and it has haunted me ever since!
Tilly xx