Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not that dazed

Mr W had his knee worked on again Tuesday.

It was outpatient, so of course, once he was awake, and semi-coherent, they booted us out.

I was a little worried, that he'd be too groggy to get into the house gracefully.

I was a little worried, that this time, the third time around, won't be the charm. 

All that aside, I got him into the house okay.  I helped him change, and maneuver up onto our bed.  I'm adjusting the ice-bag-machine thing on his leg...heyyy, wait a minute...

My patient...reached out.....and goosed me.  :-o

The nurse mentioned she gave him some Demerol before he left.  I'm sure he was hallucinating that he was goosing Annette Bening.  He usually only gets that dreamy look on his face when he's watching "The American President."

"You're gonna be fine,"  I said, as I covered him up.


screaminremo303 said...

Oh, Yeah. She's a looker. Too bad she's married to the liberal jerk (Beatty).

It'd be fun to convert her.

jckfrstross said...

LOL hope his knee heals up. :)


tillysweetchops said...

If they goose or not is always a good litmus test for whether they're going to live or die. By the sounds of it Mr W is going to pull through!

Tilly x

yaya1 said...

hope he feels better.  thats funny did u ask him if he remembers doing that?

mom2kk11 said...

Ha! He knew what he was doing. Any man would take a big handful and later on blame it on the demerol.

Hope he heals quickly.


chseroo said...

I bet he knew exactly what he was doing. LOL
My hubby loves Annette Bening too. He has a thing for older women, I suspect. He also loves Merideth Viera from the VIEW!!


bridgetteleigh75 said...

LOL ~ The American President, ey???  She does look awfully pretty in that movie.  But I think Mr. W might have to fight Warren Beatty for her.  <grin>


tdain2003 said...

lol!  cute.... I think he was dreaming of you in one of those tight little nurse uniforms that just come down past your butt cheeks with thigh high stockings and 5 inch heels and your cleavage busting out (minus the tissues stuck in your bra strap; ))
Hope he feels better soon!