Thursday, October 6, 2005

A little I-tag

I've been tagged by dbp2000  --try saying that three times, real fast.   I can barely type it and get it right the first time, without mixing up letters.  Typing dyslexia, you ahve to love that.  :)

Here we go (and it's harder than I thought it would be):

*I AM: a small town girl at heart.

*I WANT: the kids to speak Spanish. 

*I HAVE: a really good man in my corner.

*I WISH: my van wasn't in the shop right now.

*I HATE: that I can't keep the house clean. 

*I MISS: sleeping in.

*I FEAR: phone calls in the middle of the night.

*I HEAR: voices.  All day. 

*I WONDER: about going back to school.

*I LOVE: to see the look on his face when.....

*I ALWAYS: look for the good in people.

*I AM NOT: a mean person. 

*I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient.

*I NEED: a haircut.  And a date.

*I SHOULD: make more time for me. 

Play along, if you dare.  :D


eternallife23 said...

I love these list. You really get to learn about the person.

suzypwr said...

Those are good :)


chseroo said...

::claps hands::
Good answers. Good answers.
Sound like I'm on family feud?

tdain2003 said...

great list... I love the 'I love' answer :)