Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Where did the weekend go?   What do you mean, it's Tuesday already?

My brother was in town, so Ben and Ryan decided to spend the night at my Mom's house on Sat. to hang out with the cousins.   It's not a bad thing, but it's really chaotic at Mom's when we are all there--just think, 8 kids running around, all aged 20 months to 12 years. 

It's a bit too much.

My Nana fell early Fri morning and broke her hip, so we had that on our minds as well.  (She's fine.  She had surgery Sat and was released to a rehab center yesterday.)

Speaking of Saturdays...

Saturday Six - Episode 92

1. Do you generally tend to be early, late or right on time?

I am always late.  A little bit late.  I blame the kids, of course.  Someone always needs the bathroom.  Or forgot a toy.  Or is running back in for "one more thing.."  I get points for trying to be on time though, don't I?

2. Did you belong to any clubs in high school? If so, which did you value the most?

My high school didn't have a lot of clubs, not that I can recall.  I was in Student Council, but that's about it.  The things I valued most were the sports teams I was on and the baton twirling (I'll admit to it).

3. Where was your favorite place to hang out when you were in high school? How often were you there and were you usually with friends or alone?

I used to hang out at home, or at my friend Jenny's house, or in Mr W's car (ahem).   On weekends, everyone would cruise around our tiny burg and meet in the parking lot in front of Yellow Front/Pizza Hut, and just mill around in ways teenagers are not allowed to anymore.  This was interspersed with hanging out at the home of ______. (person with no parents home/persons with understanding Moms)

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What chess piece are you? (Thanks to Charles.)  I'm a:

A White Knight

Gallant, bold, independent, and strong, you consider yourself somewhat above the law. You laugh at obstacles in your way, ignoring them as if they were not there at all. Despite your independence, you do have loyalty to your team and King and Queen. For this reason, your opponents fear you-- but they also know that you can sometimes overreach. You are quick to take the initiative, working to control as much of the situation for your team as you can. In the long run, however, you cannot win the game alone. It is impossible for you to checkmate your opponent all by yourself, so you appreciate and value your teammates.

No one fears me.  What a bunch of hooey.   :p

5. When is the last time you played a board game and what game did you play? Did you win?

I played Candyland...can't remember when, but in the last month or two, I'm sure.  No, I didn't win, are you kidding me?  That Sugarplum chick is mean and she cheats.

6. You're called to serve on a jury. Would you rather sit on a capital murder case, a personal injury case, a wrongful death suit or a drunk driving case, and why? 

I may be cursing myself by saying this, but I've dodged the jury bullet so far.  (Nursing is a beautiful thing.)  It doesn't matter, either, because I think when I say my husband is a cop, my brother is a cop, some of my good friends are cops, and the defendant is (insert expletive), they'll say "Next." 




perkysgrl said...

Eeek, sounds like a busy busy weekend.

Sorry to hear about your Nana.  I hope she recovers soon!!

Jury duty? Whats that??  Never had it, guess I should be thankful to being married to a police officer too! :)

Now watch, we'll both be called!!  Eek...


deniden said...

I had jury duty once, but it was civil. I got called up to the jury box, and actually made it through their line of questioning (during which time I stated my law enforcement ties, including working at the County Range.) But then they said the trial would last, at least, 4 months and I told them there was no way, no how I could do that crapo. 4 months - are they kidding?


katie39041 said...

My weekend flew by, there just not long enough. Im sorry your nana broke her hip, i hope she is doing ok,how long will she be in rehab? Hope you have a good day.

ekgillen said...

I always get out of jury duty as well.  As soon as I say that I am married to an attorney they quickly send me on my way...LOL!

chseroo said...

I hope your Nana gets well soon. Those rehabs are a good thing. Years ago, breaking a hip was a really bad thing, but these days, its not as bad as it was.

I have never been called for jury duty. I don't know how I have escaped so far. But I am glad I have. I seriously don't want to have to do it. Especially since I live in such a small town. We all know each other here, so it would be awkard later to run into someone if you had to sit in on their case.

Have a good week Anna!


jevanslink said...

I'm a Black Rook. OOOOOOO all about power.  I've been fifteen minutes late ever since I had kids. I was in more clubs than a deck of cards. Only hoodllums hung out when I was in high school. The goody two shoes were in ACTIVITIES. I played a brand new board game with a buncha collitch kids a few months ago. Can't remember the name. One of the new ones. Almost got seated on a jury twice. EEWWW. Medical malpractice and personal injury. No thanks. Gimme drunk drivers. When was the last time someone who WASN'T shitfaced got to the jury trial level?  Thankis for letting me do the SIX at your house.  Mrs. L

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I'm a black pon.  LOL  The lowly person on the gameboard apparently.  

Jury duty...always have gotten out of it before.  ::knock on wood::