Monday, January 2, 2006


Audrey is an active, active girl.  All over the house, bothering her brothers.  All over the house, tailing me, my little shadow.  Chatting up a storm, singing up a storm....

I appreciate that she's healthy, and happy.  She really is adorable and a delight.  But she's a handful, and sometimes my hands are too full for anything else.

"Would you stop?  Get out of my hair for a minute, and get out of <insert room> so I can finish <insert task>."

It beats swearing.  It beats tearing out my hair, crying,  or locking myself in the bathroom with a bar of chocolate and the telephone.  (I eye my bottle of tequila once an hour as soon as six o'clock hits, especially if she's not had nap.  Oy.)

Recently, I was up to some kitchen hijinks, and rushed, as always.  I sighed really loudly when Audrey dragged over her footstool so she could "just watch, not touch."  Which means she will be watching for my back to turn, so she can touch.  One time, she stuck an entire ball of cookie dough in her mouth, just because.  I don't mind a bit of dough, a bit of dough is fine, but enough to make a cookie from is probably not a good idea.  Salmonella, anyone?

"Am I in your hair, Mommy?"

It took a minute for that to register.  Aside from her baby voice, which can be hard to understand, I wasn't paying full attention to her.  Bad Mommy.

Whoops, I thought, as it registered.   Guess I say that alot.  "Get out of my hair."  I felt a little guilty, but I still answered "Yes."

"Okay.  I'll go away."


She turned to walk away, and hung her head down, just so.  (something she does when she's in trouble, it is so cute that I have to bite my lip and turn my head,  even when I'm really mad at her)

Dammit, dammit.  The head drop gets me.  <sigh>

"You can watch.  Just sit up here,"  <I placed her on the counter> "and don't move.  No helping.  Just watching."

I don't need to tell you she smiled and knew she won, do I? 

"I love you, Mommy."

Oh, that little brat....  :D

Speaking of hair, I've been growing mine out for a couple of months now.  It's finally getting some length on it and people are noticing.  Got some compliments today at work--joy!

I'm really, really digging it, even if Mr W is not a huge fan of the little barrettes I put in my bangs (to hold them up and to the side while they grow).  Although, I have to admit, I do feel a little weird putting barrettes in my hair at this age.  That's not to say that it's deterred me in any way from buying sparkly ones, colored ones...sneaking old baby ones that were Audrey's....

It's nice that so far, it hasn't been sooo bad that I've been standing in front of the mirror, scissors in hand, because I can't take another bad hair day. 

But I may hide them from myself, just in case.


mum24boyz said...

Aawwww..she sounds so cute...but I can relate..sometimes I just need some quiet time, Nicholas can talk soooo much sometimes!!!

Robyn :)

misscarberry said...

I feel like that about my bird sometimes (I know it's not EXACTLY the same but it's all I've got!!). He just so pretty and feathery but my days is he LOUD! He sings up to 3 hours a day, non-stop, and just loves to wake me up by giving me a song. Talking of hair, I need mine doing, must remember to ring ridiculously expensive hair dressers :) It's a hard life but someones got to live it!
Love Sam xXx

inafrnz247 said...

I can completely relate to this entry!!  My younger daughter used to follow me around all day, asking for this and that for hours on end, then lastly, she would shout from upstairs, "MOOOOOOM!"  and I would answer (not in a warm, fuzzy way by now....) "WHAAAAT?!?!"  and very sweetly she would say, "I love YOU!!!"
I felt like crap everytime... ;o)   Michelle

ekgillen said...

Who doesn't love little barrettes?  I hope your bangs have made it another day.

jevanslink said...

I think you should get some strong styling mousse and spike your bangs straight up and act like this is normal.  Just a thought.  Mrs. L

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oh I ever understand about the child in the hair thing.  My goodness.  Autumn thinks she can't do anything unless I'm in sight.  God forbid I have to make something in the kitchen.  

I love her to pieces...I do.  But some nights I'm counting the minutes until bedtime.  Like you said....Oy.  

As for growing your hair out...been there, done that.  My hair is so thick and wavy...growing it out is a bitch, for sure.  Hope it turns out the way you want!


suzypwr said...

Headbands work too, if you get tired of barrettes. I use either in the house, or a ponytail. Nothing like brushing your teeth and getting your hair in your mouth!