Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just another week

My kids went back to school on Tuesday afternoon.  They had dental appts that morning (all good, knock on wood) and I was feeling a little pang that I was taking them back right after.   Audrey started preschool again, too.   At first, the pang grew, and I felt kinda like keeping'em home one more day.

Then I realized that with all of them gone to school, and once Audrey was at preschool, there'd be a two hour window of blissful solitude.  During this time,  I went to the store to pick up a few things, and did a couple of household errands that needed tending, then I took a couple of deep breaths.  Alone.

Pang extinguished! 

Considering I spent the last week searching for a mermaid-Barbie wand in the toilet (found later on my dresser); figuring out how to get Silly Putty off the t.v. remote for my bedroom ("honest, Mom, I sat on the ground, and the silly putty happened to be on the remote, and I sat on it which made it stick right to it"); explained to Ryan that pointing out all the "wwweeeeiii-n-neerrrs" in the grocery store (we were actually by sausages, and he started up again by the hot dogs) in a loud sing-song voice wasn't the best idea;  I'm surprised there was a pang at all.  I even got to listen to this exchange between Audrey and Ben:

A: "I can't."

B: "Yes, you can.  Carry this."

A:  "I'm Audrey.  I'm only one person.  My hands are full.  No, I can't."

She said it very patiently, very slowly, as though she  I'm considering a vow of silence.

Then there was the night, after a long day, when Mr W called from work.  "When are you coming home?"  I asked, for dinner reasons as well as sanity ones.  "In another couple of hours."  "Fiiiiine." <thinly veiled sarcasm>  "Hey, it's OT, hon."  "No, it's CPS,"  I replied.  

All in all, just another week.

We've been back at school, what, three days now?

I'm ready for the next break.   No more Mom-taxi, and sleeping a little later....



chseroo said...

Ah, I must admit... I felt NO pang at all. The only thing my boys did all day long was fight with each other. They were so tired of being together. So I think we were all ready for school to start back.


That was so cute what Audrey said. LOL

ekgillen said...

I can never wait until break is over!  Get my bou out of his routine and all h*ll breaks!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I honestly cannot remember my last moments of solitude.  How awful is that?