Friday, January 13, 2006

I should just go back to bed

I am convinced they are all conspiring against me.  "Let's see if we can push her over the edge before 8 am,"  they whisper, huddling together right before I tuck them in at night.

I am pretty organized, as far as who's on first...I mean, who has what to take to school today, who needs something, what to sign, loading the backpacks, that kind of thing.   Lay it all out the night before, right, just like you read in the parenting magazines.


I manage to do that, get them up, get myself up and open one eye up in the kitchen to knock out breakfast.  (I'm really not a morning person.  It's forced upon me.)

I try my best to make things go smoothly, yet, in one morning, I can get the following:

*a reluctant waker--Ryan, who managed to sneak 20 extra minutes in before I noticed he wasn't moving around.

*"Mom, I need a small light bulb,"  <which he'd mentioned last night, but I didn't think he needed TODAY, thank God for night lights> "and some jumper cables."  --Nolan, as he heads into the shower.  I'm thinking,  dude, it's a potato battery (science fair), jumper cables are overkill, aren't they? 

*"Mommy, I wanna get dreessssed." --Audrey, as I'm in the middle of something in the kitchen.  She can dress herself, which is fine, but I didn't put a dress out and she can't reach.  God forbid she wear pajamas for a bit longer.  "Ben!  Help Audrey,"  I shout from the kitchen.

*"I didn't want to eat that." --Ryan, but I informed him if he was sleeping extra, and not available to tell me what it was he wanted, then too damn bad, eat what's there. 

Whew.  They are all off brushing their teeth, I think I might win this morning's battle.

*"Mommy, yesterday was my last day of lunch,"  Ryan says, as he hold out his hand that displays the black stamp of death, as we call it.   Which means, I bet, the other kids are on their last day today, probably.

I hurriedly scribble out the check, grab my keys, and cross my fingers, still hopeful that we're gonna make it.

As we approach the school, I'm deflated when I see a near-empty playground.  Oh well. 

I've lost the battle today.  But there's always next time.

Hey, is that the bag with my jumper cables in it, under Nolan's arm? 

Oy.  I think I should just go home and go back to bed.


misscarberry said...

I'm not a morning person either, I tend to mooch around for ages after waking up, drinking tea and smoking. But if I'm in a hurry I can dash around with the best of them!
Love Sam xXx

chseroo said...

I am so much better in the morinings than I am at night. By bedtime, my guys have me at the end of my rope!! It didn't use to be so bad. They would go shower, brush the teeth, and get into bed on their own at night. Since Christmas break, it is chaos... I seriously need to get them back on a schedual. It would make things so much better here.

Have a good weekend!

ekgillen said...

I have accepted that my family lives to push me over the edge.  The quicker they get it over with in the morning the sooner I can start my day. :)

mom2kk11 said...

Your family is my family's doppelganger - really. Except for the school lunch thing. It blows that we don't have that. My morning includes me yelling and screaming while I make lunches.

(successfully commenting!)

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oy.  I guess there are benefits to only having two children.  LOL