Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Then this happens and I feel like an idiot

I spoke with Ryan's teacher yesterday morning.  She said she realized " looked funny to be writing 'pencil sharpener' on the sheet, but he seriously has been at it for a week no matter how much I've told him not to..." and that "he doesn't bother other kids, other than the pencil sharpening."  Apparently, he contemplates his own pencils, or picks at his own fingers, when he doesn't want to focus on his work.

I am happy for the small victory, that it's not his nose he's picking.  And that he is not using said fingers to poke at the other kids.

What can I say?  I listened to her, I said a few words, and that was that. 

Why?  Because he is the one who is out of line.  Sure, she could put the sharpener away, I know that I would, if it is such an issue.  But he has to be responsible, too, and resist the Draw of the Electrical Pencil Sharpener.  Even if it is a bit odd that this should be an issue to begin with.


Today Ryan is home with a funky, itchy rash. 

I left a message telling his teacher that he was not coming in because of it, and she called me. 

Partially to tell me that she didn't notice him scratching yesterday.  (I'd mentioned it during our conversation re the pencils.)  She was concerned, and totally appropriate in her attitude.

Partially to remind me that on the sheet the school sent home (a list of guidelines for "should I keep this maybe-sick kid home or not?") that "Rash" is on it.  I'd consider this an amicable gesture, too, if I didn't know she's a little germophobic.

She is so nice about it, though, that I feel a little idiotic getting so worked up about her to begin with.

And I hate that.



tdain2003 said...

You're a good momma : )   I get the mommy hackles up when things like that happen.... you do good, Anna!

katie39041 said...

your a great mum, you are only looking out for your own.I would have been the same if it was daniel.
hope you have a brilliant day.
love katie x

bridgetteleigh75 said...'re a mommy hen.  It's okay to get worked up about your kids.  We all do...whether it makes us look stupid or not.  But the truth is...I still think the note home regarding the pencil sharpener is kind of silly....even if the teacher IS really nice.  

You did nothing wrong!


ekgillen said...

The teacher lives another day!  :)
I have never understood some of the things Griff gets in trouble for at school (talking on the way to the bathroom-WTF??)-but I have to accept he needs to abide by some rules. :)
Good luck with the rash.