Thursday, January 19, 2006


Yesterday, I felt a little off all day.  It's not like my day didn't start out pleasantly, but I haven't been sleeping well (my wacko dreams, usually a source of amusement for me, are bugging me--waking me up) and I was just procrastinating all day.  

To top it off, I was a wee bit cranky.

As the afternoon wore on, it got worse, and in addition to crankiness, I had melancholy come over too.

Even going down the crayon aisle in Target didn't cheer me up completely.  I bought some new crayons, these twisty-slick ones that are smmmooooth to use (in my mood, I decided it would be best to stay away from any sharp objects). 

Still cranky.  Uneasy. 

I picked up all the kids from school, and Nolan reminded me he had to stay late for his "Battle of the Books" and that he would walk home..."so you don't have to load them all up just to come for me."

He's adorable. 

On the way to aikido, it started to dawn on me what was possibly the reason I felt like the sky was falling.

It's that time of year, you see.  The time of year when the parents-of-sixth-graders have to face the junior high music.  One of the jr highs close to us was having an informational meeting, and I didn't want to go.

It's like Thug U when I drive by that school, and I don't really want him to go there.

Nolan wants to go there because he met the band teacher and he likes him.

He's adorable.

I really don't want to think about this.  But I have to.  And Mr W, he's on my last nerve, because I want a hug, and he's offering suggestions re:  "you should start the ball rolling and find out what we need to do so he winds up where you wanthim to" --why is this my deal?  (*he does know it's his deal too, he just defers to my judgement because well, face it, ahem, I know best, lol)

Bite me.

So I'm driving along, and Duran Duran is on the radio, transporting me back to 16 as I drive the minivan full of children, and I smile, but my cheek hurts because I have a monster zit sprouting there, to match the one under my jaw. 

I can't have a kid going to jr high if I still have the capacity to break out like this.

So I playfully shove Nolan's arm.

Hey, that felt good.

I do it again.  "Mo-om, cut it out.  What did I do?"

Oh, the list is long. 

Shove.  "Who do you think you are, going to jr high next year?  I'm not old enough to have a child in jr high."

"Sorry."  He grins.  He is so looking forward to it.  "I can't help it, sorry that I'm aging, Mom."

"Stop it.  You're growing up.  I'm aging."

I can feel the wrinkles furrowing and the gray hair sprouting now.  Oh, man, was that something else deciding to give up the battle against gravity?

Admittedly, I'm being a baby about this.  But, you know, he is my baby.  And for whatever reason, I think I can handle the high school transition a little better.  I mean, a high-school kid is a little better equipped to look out for himself than a smart-mouthed jr high kid.

I have to suck it up.  I can do this.  I smile at him and the others as they get out of the van.

"Precious"comes on the radio.  The song whose first lines are something like "precious things need special handling..."

Ouch.  What is that sudden tightness in my chest?

Bwahhahahahaha.  Great, no Kleenex anywhere.

As I pull into our driveway (I had to pick up Mr W) I sneak past him inside to grab a Kleenex.

He's gonna make fun of me anyway.

He follows me in, 'what's the matter?' written all over his face.

I rant.  He offers suggestions.  No teasing.

I need a hug.  Shut up.  

I still felt bad, even after I was rescued by a phone call from one of my good friends; and I couldn't shake it, not until after class.

The boys got rambunctious, like they always do.  Guess being good for an hour leaves a lot of energy to burn on the way to the car.  The boys were doing some kind of fart maneuver, which was kind of amusing.  Until one of them did it to me.

Oh, no he didn't. 

I was tempted to call out to his Dad, but decided I could handle it on my own.

One headlock and a noogie later, and I was feeling much better.  Laughter really is the best medicine.

But I'm still gonna need a hug.


perkysgrl said...

Every one needs a hug and goes through days like that...

I hope today is better than yesterday :)


PS. Famine drive thru sounds good to me... lol

jevanslink said...

From where I sit, up here in the land of peacefulness and freedom from female stuff, it sure sounds like a hug would be good. But that's just for starters. Add a side order of chocolate. And a hot bath, too. A massage couldn't hurt. Me, I just need wrinkle cream and someone to help me out of bed in the morning.  Mrs. L

chseroo said...

I have a son the same age as yours, so I am going through it also. But my son will stay in the same school through 8th grade (THANK GOD). But it's so hard to see how they are growing up. Nothing like your kid hugging you and being eye to eye with you to make you realize how big they are and how old you are getting...
God Anna, now you have me weepy. Thanks alot. ;o)

(((BIG HUGS)))


jckfrstross said...

yes it is real hard when they make that step up to jr high (its middle school here) but its worse when your last one goes to jr high. (((((((((((hugs to you)))))))))))))


ekgillen said...

I have seen a common thread in all of the journals I read.  Everyone seems to be a bit off-seasonal depression maybe?
I hope today was better than yesterday!

katie39041 said...

We all need hugs.i hope you got one at least, i had the problem of aging the other week.It took a big bar of choccy to make me feel better about the grey hair.I hope you feel better today and got a good nights sleep.
katie x

bridgetteleigh75 said...


They grow up fast, don't they?


screaminremo303 said...

Like father, like son. I would've let one fly but he was closer. Stench by proxy.

I have it on good source that you need to visit the school of your choice and ask for the information on a boundry exemption. It will probably go better if you don't mention my son's name.


onemoretina said...

    Jr. High wasn't my favorite time with my kids, either.  The good thing is that he is looking forward to it.  There's something to be said for that!  
     And what is it with the case of the meloncholies that seems to be going around in here?  I've been going through the same thing.  When you hear a Beach Boys song on the radio, and cry because you cant fit your big ole butt into a bikini anymore, that's pathetic.  See ... you aren't alone ! lol    Tina

suzypwr said...

If you want sympathy and a hug, talk to a woman. If you want a fix and suggestions, talk to a man. You just talked to the wrong person, that's all :)


tdain2003 said...

It's a whole different universe... Jr. High.... when did we get old enough to have Jr. Higher's?  It goes by in the blink of an eye.  I feel your pain.  I think I have that tightening in my chest right now.... where's the kleenex?

misscarberry said...

Awww, bless your little cotton socks! My mum is kinda the opposite, she's actually looking forward to recieving an 18 year old daughter this year, just so people can say '18? Never! you can't be old enough to have a maid that old!' :)
Love Sam xXx