Wednesday, December 7, 2005

"That's just my Mom"

Monday, I taught Art Masterpiece for Ben's class.  It's quite nice, because he only has twenty kids in his class, and three were out.  We were a cozy little group, and the project wasn't hard, the lecture was easy, and it was fun.

I was talking to the teacher while the kids were doing their thing, and she made me laugh.  I laugh pretty loud sometimes.

I overhear one of the kids say "Who/what was that?"

And I looked up in time to see Ben smile, put his hand on the kid's shoulder, and say, "Oh, it's just my Mom.  She's kinda loud sometimes."  He wasn't embarrassed.  He just accepted it as just being me, beamed in my direction, and went back to his desk.

You know, you expect to love your child unconditionally, without worrying too much about what others might consider faults.

You don't expect that fantastic feeling you get when they reciprocate.  The coolness of it all, that they love you unconditionally as well.

It made my day. 

Almost as much as Audrey made my night tonight.

We were sitting at aikido waiting for the big kids to finish class. 

I had to throw something away, and when I came back to the table, Audrey pipes up:  "Mommy, when you walk, your butt goes back and forth, back and forth." (and she swayed a bit from side to side as she said it) 

In an instant, I mentally checked my gait.  I didn't think I'd been swaying, I wasn't....well, not really...holy crap, do I sway too much when I walk?  What kind of message is that for her to learn?  Oy!

In an instant, I got over it.  It was funny, and we were all laughing, adults included.

I mean, there's not a whole lot I can do about it, is there, short of wearing some harness that inhibits the gait?  Where's the fun in  that? lol

Then, at bedtime, it was Nolan and Ryan's turn.

Nolan gets all "eewww" if Mr W gives me a kiss.  So we tucked him in, and I turned up my face <doing my best to give him a nightmare> and Mr W gave me a very quick kiss. 

Nolan goes, "Geez, Bud, that was pathetic.  You call that a kiss?  I don't think you made contact with her for even a 'one-Mississippi'.  Pa-the-tic."  (okay, so maybe it was, but really, we were in front of the boy, so the soap-opera tonsil hockey would be inappropriate) 

The look on Mr W's face was hilarious.  I know I was amused.  He kissed me again, and Nolan remained unimpressed, so Mr W turned the tables on him: "What makes you an expert??  Do I need to talk to your girlfriend?" 

Nolan gets all embarrassed:  "No.  No, don't ask her.  I have my resources."  <stammer, stammer>

He's growing up, my little boy, and it catches me offguard when he says things like that.  I take pride, somewhat, in his sense of humor.  I like to think that I'm passing something of value on to him.  And when he does say something amusing, it makes me smile...because I am.

When I tucked Ryan in, I leaned over to kiss his cheek and whisper the usual goodnights in his ear.  "Goodnight, my sugar."  "Goodnight, my Mommy."  I snuggle my cheek next to his, and then he puts his hand against my head.  "Um, Mommy?  Could you get off me now?  I need to go to sleep."

Oops. <lol> Too much love.



nicurnmama said...

love your good night routine!
so now how does Mr W tuck YOU in?!
Audrey is too cute with her observations!

chseroo said...

It comes through loud and clear how much your family means to you. It makes me smile.... Thanks for sharing Anna.


mum24boyz said... got a whole lot of loving yesterday! don't you love it??

Robyn :)

mom2kk11 said...

Bwahahaha! That's hilarious.  I like Audrey's comment best.

Next thing you know she'll be asking if you want fries with that shake. <w>


inafrnz247 said...

Great entry!  The butt comment was hilarious!  I remember being at the pool when my daughter was 3 and she was so sweet. leaning over to me as she sipped her juice bag, "Mommy, you're not fat, you're just fluffy..."   Now that gave me a complex!  They mean well!  We also get the EWWWW's when we kiss infront of the girls!  Michelle

tdain2003 said...

Warms your heart, huh?  Perfect entry!

ekgillen said...

Great entry!  It just amazes me what type of things kids notice.
Gillie (

onemoretina said...

    Isn't it so funny what kids notice ?  When my son was little and I was upset about something, he would say " Mom, I don't like it when your mouth goes down at the sides .... it's better when it goes up, like this"  .. and then he would try to push the corners of my mouth up into a smile.  
    Sounds like you have some sweet little ones surrounding you.  Isn't it so nice?  And the truth? .... I'll bet that Audrey loves it when your butt goes " back and forth, back and forth," because that's HER Momma !   Tina

tillysweetchops said...

This was such a lovely entry - thanks for reminding how great kids are making me fall in love with my own all over again. The funny things they say are all too numerous and you're right it really knocks you back a bit when they come up with something new.

And aren't you (& Mr W) the lucky one with the swaying hips?!

BTW - Your banana quote in my journal was of classical proportions, Mae West would be proud!

Tilly xx

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Kids really do say the darndest things, don't they?  <grin>  

With that wiggle of yours, all you need is a black leather mini and some stilettos.  LMAO