Saturday, December 17, 2005

If you give me a day off...

If you give Anna the day off, she will try to get a few things done around the house.

It will start in the kitchen, making red chile con carne for the tamale-fest tomorrow.

While that is cooling, she will make some toffee.  And curse ever-so-delicately when it doesn't cooperate and look like it does when Jane makes it.

As she's making the toffee, realize she could start the laundry.

Go into the big boys' room to collect their hamper, and nearly get knocked over by an overwhelming stench.  Where's that cat?  Did something die in here? 

Strip the beds, and start washing bed linens first.

Order wayward children to their room, with a shopping bag apiece, "Don't come out until your bookcases are neat and that means this bag will be full of trash."

Tackle the smaller kids' room.  Always best to do this one alone, to avoid any "but that's miiiiine!" objections. 

Carry two bags of "trash" out before I'm spotted.  Shh. Don't tell. 

Decide it's time to bathe the dogs.

Bathe both of them.  Realize that bathing Max in the tub is akin to washing an RV with a washcloth and a squirt bottle.

Clean the tub.  Might as well clean the bathroom.

Might as well clean the other bathroom.

Make the bed, noting a crushed tortilla chip on the bed (Mr W's side, am tempted to leave it), courtesy of Audrey...order everyone out. 

Wow.  Finally make it into the shower.

Whew.  Walk into the kitchen, feeling good that maybe a nice glass of lemonade and some surfing the web are in order.

Notice time.

It's 4:30.

Forgot about the birthday party at 5:00.  Kids in pjs still (hey, it's Saturday).  No present! 

Scramble the troops and make them get dressed.  Get myself ready, and go to get Audrey.

Who has passed out on the couch.   Wasn't she just having a tantrum two minutes ago?

Drop kids at party, rush to get present, run home, wrap it, leave unhappy girl with her Dad (home from work now), and go to pick up the kids.

Home, dinner, and more *&@!!*&#( chili-making. 

Bribe children with ice cream and make them go to bed.

A glass of lemonade and some web-surfing are in order.

But I'm beat.  I work tomorrow.

A nice trip to my pillow is in order.


ekgillen said...

It's just amazing how quickly a day can go by when you "have a day off"
Gillie (

tillysweetchops said...

Taking it easy, were ya? LOL

Whatever happend to the days of midday breakfasts and magazines in the bath, when goodness- look- at- the- time, better get dressed for dinner at your favourite Italian.

Those were the days!

Merry Christmas Anna - Don't work too hard.

Tilly xx

mum24boyz said...

oh yeah, our days off are filled with work, work work around the house..I can sooo relate to going to a party without the present, and running to get it last!

Robyn :)

chseroo said...

Your average day sounds like mine...

Have a good week Anna!


bridgetteleigh75 said...

Yep.  Sounds about right.