Thursday, December 29, 2005


We have a new addition to the family.

Not a baby, geez, I'm crazy, but I'm not crazy.

Ryan has been asking for a hermit crab, and Santa brought him one for Christmas.

Santa was clever enough to wrap the little habitat and enclose a gift card to PetsMart inside so Ryan could go pick out his own crabby buddy, thus eliminating the need to hide said habitat someplace else, or the prospect of a dead crab Christmas morning.  (there's a joke in there, I know it...)


This evening, Mr W took Ryan to pick out his little friend.  They brought him home, and I heard all about how all the big crabs were dead (see?) and there were "only two baby crabs left." 

I raised an eyebrow at Mr W, who held up only one finger.   Whew. 

You'd think a girl who can stomach spiders and kill scorpions could handle a little hermit crab, but um, no.  It's nothing but love for my boy that is making me even consider this endeavor, and holding this crab is out of the question. 

I thought of melting a little butter to welcome him home, but I didn't want to make Ryan cry, so I tapped Mr Crab into his habitat gently instead and put the lid on asap.  (Those little suckers, I hear they jump and go right for your eyes.)

Ryan named him 'Electric Boy' or something to that effect.  Mr W dubbed him  'Krabby Patty' and I like that better, but according to Ryan, that is his nickname only. 

We had some cake, for Nolan, later, and Jane was over.  I said to her, "It's only a matter of time, you know, before I have twenty of these little critters in the house."  ?? She made some comment to the crab's reproductive abilities, and I said "No, not that...but because I'm gonna hear, 'Mommy, he needs a friend...' and we'll need to get another."

I'm getting Audrey to bed, and she's chatting about the crab.  She is enchanted by him.

"I want one."  Uh-oh.  "Go to sleep, honey."

And then, not 4 hours have passed, when Ryan pipes up.  "You know, Mommy, there were only two crabs left at PetsMart.  There is still another one there, and it needs a home."

This has to be a record of some kind.  I'm clairvoyant.  I should play the lottery tonight, or something.

"Maybe we can go buy the other one tomorrow, and bring him home.  They can live together in this little cage, and be friends."

Here it comes:

"He's very, very lonely, in there, I think."

Well, we can't have that.  No one should be lonely in the cold, hard,  post-Christmas dawns.

I think PetsMart opens at 9.


deniden said...

I LOVE hermit crabs. I used to get them all the time on the boardwalk in Ocean City and Wildwood. I had 4 of them at one time, named Will, Grace, Karen and Just Jack! 2 were the really big ones and 2 were the really small ones. Slowly, they died off, but Just Jack! lived for about 2 years, until I went on vacation and my sister's friend didn't properly take care of him. (Bitch.)

Now I want another hermit crab!!!


katie39041 said...

Loved this entry it has me laughing, dont we just love our kids, lol, i hope you dont end up like what i did, my partner kept guinie pigs when he was a young lad. one day he turns to me with a little boy lost face on and says could i have a pig, ummmmmm err if you look after it, ok. we go pick the pig up and some thing happend i couldnt put my finger on, we ended up with 2 pigs,well 8 months down the line a pig explosion happend, we ended up with 18 little baby piggies and muggins here to feed and clean the little buggers out, partner was no where to be seen come feeding or cleaning time. anyone want a cute little pig, free to a good home you now know who to contact,lol,

ekgillen said...

Good Luck at Petsmart-two crabs IS always better than!

perkysgrl said...

I'm with you... those things kinda creep me out...

Rowan wants one.  But I can't bring myself to get her one.  Plus, I've heard they are very tempermental and die easily???

I don't think she can handle loosing another pet after her two fish had to be flushed up to Heaven :)


chseroo said...

My kids have been badgering me for a pet. I told them I would get them a crab or a turtle. So far, we haven't gotten either. I just know how they are, they will try to play with it all the time and it will end up dying. They will try to act like it is a dog or something.. I can see them now having a piece of thread tied to a turtle's neck trying to take it for a walk!!! LOL


screaminremo303 said...

I got crabs from PetsMart one time. I'll never use the bathroom there again.


onemoretina said...

Spoken like a true Mom !  Tina

bridgetteleigh75 said...

SUCKER!!!  <grin>

Believe me....I'll be the same way.  Both the kids already manipulate the crap out of me.  In particular, Autumn.  

Is it always this way?