Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So this is how it turned out

The new 'do turned out just fine.   It's just like she used to wear it, and I love it like this.   It's all good.

She is wearing the ubiquitious gray cami in one of the photos.  I haven't found her another that cute, but I did wind up getting her something similar enough--so I could wash this one.  

You may notice she's helping wash a car.  She was helping Daddy wash her Tata's Cadillac, which he had loaned us to use as our second car.   It's a pretty sweet ride, and the kids prefer to be squired around in it as opposed to my van.   Leather seat, cushy smoothness....I can't blame them.  

I was driving to pick up Ben and Ryan on Friday, and I went to lower the window.  I hit the wrong button; lowered a back window...and CRACK!  the window wouldn't go up.  Or down.  As this has happened to Dad before, I knew it was broken.

I couldn't even call to tell Mr W, I was so frustrated.  I texted him a message instead, along the lines of "I can't believe this s**t."

Seriously have been considering that perhaps I would be better off in a horse-and-buggy.   But even an offer to re-enact that scene from 'Witness' --the one with Kelly McGillis, the washbasin, a mirror, and Harrison Ford-- wasn't enough to convince my husband that that was a good idea. 

The Cadillac is fine, it spent a day or two in the shop getting fixed and it back in it's rightful driveway.   The children have been plotting to get back over to my Mom's house to spirit it away. 

In the meantime, I'm in the van. 

It's a little hard to drive when you don't want to touch anything......


katie39041 said...

You have a adorable little girl, she is so cute. I bet that ponytail is put in a life box so she can see it at a later date lol,
love and hugs
katie xx

randlprysock said...

She is absolutely darling!!  Love the new "do!"  Hugs,

jevanslink said...

That hairdo is as darling as she is.  Even though a little devil made her do it.  

Ah yes, the ubiquitous gray cami -- I had a kid who had ubiquitous orange knee socks.

If only Harrison Ford could be ubiquitous for me.

Mrs. L

ekgillen said...

Love that hair!!  She is such a doll! :)

jckfrstross said...

the new do looks great:) i know what you mean about afraid to touch anything lol that is why i married a mechanic:) have a good week


rljlkl47 said...

How come I only see cookies????

rljlkl47 said...

Okay that was weird. After my first comment I went back and there she was. My girl.

onemoretina said...

    Well, she looks as sweet as ever, so I guess all's well that ends well ... =)  What's with kids cutting their hair?  My brother had at mine when I was about the same age, and my mother had me scheduled to have my picture taken the next day.  I have a hairdo in the picture that looks something like a bald man who is trying to cover up the bare spot.  I guess it was kind of the same thing.    Tina