Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How old married people spend Valentine's day

My husband is home from work today.  I had no idea he was gonna take the day off, not until he told me late yesterday afternoon.

So this morning, all the big kids are off to school.  I heard voices, and thought Audrey was talking to him, but she was on the couch.  Curious, I walked into our room only to realize that work had called him, but it was nothing urgent; he'd hung up and was just laying there, awake.

Heelllo, gorgeous. 

Of course, what wife can resist crawling into bed with her hubby, if only to put her cold feet right up against him?

I snuggled right in, into my favorite spot next to him, and we went over what was going on today.  I am meeting and spending the afternoon with a friend later, and he's picking everyone up.

"Get ready to spend the afternoon in the car,"  I joked. 

Mmmm, he's warm.  I couldn't resist a little physical evil, even though I know it can go nowhere (Audrey is at home, and she has to be at a friend's house fairly soon.) I'm about to get really obnoxious about it when he pushes me away, just a bit.

"You've got to move,"  he said, "I have to get up to use the bathroom." 

I didn't move. 

"I'm gonna pee all over the bed, and start my old man routine now, if you don't move."

"I thought that routine started a few years ago."

"Get the f**k out,"  he said, as he started laughing and getting out of bed.

"If I'm the old man, I get the Cadillac today,"  he added as he closed the bathroom door.

I'll take moments like that, over the hearts and flowers gushiness of today anytime.

I think I have a few more minutes before I have to go.

heh heh heh heh heh....


jckfrstross said...

LOL love to see a couple still in love:) Happy Valentines Day


screaminremo303 said...

I hope he remembered to Kronos. Everytime my phone rings and wakes me up it costs them about $30. FYPM!

jevanslink said...

Remember to Kronos?  Is that mantalk for put the seat down?

Mrs. L

randlprysock said...

Hope you had a great Valentines!  Sure sounds like ya did!!  Now I'm getting caught up with your journal.  It's been crazy on this end.  Hugs,