Wednesday, February 7, 2007

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Audrey and I were coloring together in my room on Monday.  I was feeling a little under the weather and just wanted to nap--but Ryan was home sick too.  I figured quiet time would have to do. 

We were writing her name.  "A" she'd say, and make an A.  "Happy face"  she'd say for the U.  Then she'd stop and ask for my help with the rest.

(She had me at "happy face."  I will never look at a U the same way again.)

Imagine my surprise when her preschool teacher came to the door today and said to me "She's getting good at writing her own name."

It took a second to register.  He's a good looking kid, in that I'm-still-in-college-this-is-my-"job" kind of way, so I was a little distracted.   Between him and the beautiful girl that also teaches the class, it's all I can do to not reach for a syringe of Botox every morning after I drop her off.

"Really?  At home she only gets to the "U" before asking for help." 

"Yeah, look."  He holds out her papers from today.  Awwwww!  She did it!

She talked about it all the way to the van.  I still didn't quite believe it, not until we got home later and she started writing it over and over and over on every available sheet of paper.

She is very excited about it.

I am excited for her too.

Much more excited than when Ryan whipped a bright yellow paper out of his backpack, one that says, "Kindergarten Registration for 2007-2008 will begin on Feb 26th."

Oh.  That.

It has the date we will start school in July, too, and even though it's a ways off, suddenly, the summer abbreviated. 

That's okay.

For now, I have my "happy face."


screaminremo303 said...

I think I'll join a cult for the summer. Do they have interns?

katie39041 said...

Ohhh Thats so sweet. Thank you for sharing a lovely memory. I hope your both feeling better.
love and hugs

jevanslink said...

Remo an intern in a cult?  Isn't that redundant?

Mrs. L

jckfrstross said...

it is always hard when the baby goes to kindergarten:) hope all are feeling well:)