Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Little Scissorhands

When Nolan was in kindergarten, one of the girls in his class cut her bangs sooo short, they were just memory at the top of her forehead.   She'd coiffed her brother, too, and he had choppy pieces all over his head.  It was a disaster. 

I remember, raising an eyebrow, feeling a little smug, as my scissors were safe up in the cupboard.  My children were well-supervised. The boys knew they only could have them via me, and they were put away as soon as we finished what we were doing.

I figured the loss of fine motor skills with scissors was worth not having to worry about any errant snip-snips.

Later, a friend of mine also had this happen.  Her two-year old just hacked off a large portion on the back of her head, and the only recourse for her was a pixie cut.  It was cute.  

By this time,  I was not as smug, I mean, these things happen.  And besides, my scissors were still kept safe, up in the cupboard.   My children were somewhat supervised.  The scissors were still doled out only by me.

Fast forward to now.  The boys know where the supplies are kept.  They get them out for homework, they put them away (most of the time).  They are old enough to handle it.

Then there's Audrey.   She also knows where everything is kept.  She gets out her crayons, her Playdoh, her papers, and steals my tape--she feels everything is a masterpiece, every picture deserves it's rightful place on the pantry door. 

She's impatient, my little girl, and that is why she knows where everything is.  She doesn't always wait for Mommy or one of the boys to get things out for her.   I often am heard gasping as I turn the corner into my too-quiet family room to see her climbing onto the kitchen counter so she can get to something up in the cupboard, safely out of reach. 

Like Juicy Fruit.   Or ............the scissors.

Last night, Mr W came into the kitchen.  "Anna,"  he said, barely audible.  I turn around, not knowing what to expect.  He starts miming me a story.   As he rarely whispers and almost never mimes, I know in an instant this is either very serious, or very cute-don't-say-anything-just-look.  At the same time, Nolan comes up next to him, holding a pair of scissors.

And a piece of long, straight hair.

Oh, how the mighty fall.....

Audrey decided to cut her hair last night.  She chopped up the sides.  It's not tooo bad, it could've been a lot worse. 

I had absolutely no idea she had the scissors.  Sure, they were little school scissors, but did she have to pick the ones with the  pointy ends?   I was in the kitchen making dinner, when did she get into the cupboard to take them???

Apparently, my child is not supervised.

I'm taking her to get it fixed this morning.  

After that, I will be replacing the eyes in the back of my head.


perkysgrl said...

Oh NO!!
Hope the new do comes out :)

suzypwr said...

My child was also well supervised with scissors and markers. Her hair was below her waist. I have pictures. I managed to trim it up some and hide part of her work, but they all do it somehow, at least once, I think! She was 2 when she got the markers, and tried to deny her work, blaming it on the dog. I told her the dog didn't sign her name on my white dining room chair seats. Wait until she discovers hair dye and has the cash to buy it!

I was too afraid to cut my own hair. but my brother did it for me :)


randlprysock said...

LOL my kids aren't always supervised either!!!  Nick cut his hair once too when he was in kindergarten.... on the day B4 picture day!!!!!!!  Hugs,

jevanslink said...

Yep, been through the pixie cut stage myself.  Mrs. L

jevanslink said...

Yep, been through the pixie cut stage myself.  Mrs. L

ekgillen said...

My first haircut ever was when I was four (by then I had seriously loooong hair) and my brother would not let me play with him unless I was a boy.  I said "But I'm a girl" and he said "But you can LOOK like a boy" and he and his friend cut off ALL my hair.  My mother cried and my father about had a heart attack.  I loved the short hair though!!

katie39041 said...

I still have nightmares of when my foster brother cut my hair, scalped was more to the point lol,I hope Audrey gets a lovely new look that she likes or the scissors will be out again lol,
love and hugs

wshgranter said...

You HAVE to post pictures :)
I'm emailing you a video of hair cutting from youtube.... except it's an adult who does it and it's hilarious!
Hope you are well,

jckfrstross said...

our daughter did that too when she was in kindergarten took her got it fixed as best we could then it was picture day and i was going to curl her hair i had the curling iron plugged in she decided to kiss it LMAO big ole blister on her lip:) she was ok once i calmed her down i asked her what was she doing. she told me  she was seeing if it was hot lol she has never cut her hair or kissed the curling iron again I aso locked the sissors up so no accidents could happen:) hope you get pictures of before and after the fix