Thursday, October 19, 2006

That's some wake up call

I was in a green, all kinds of green, forest.   Pine trees all around; it was foggy and I couldn't see very well.   Looking for something, and feeling like I was being watched.

Yet I wasn't afraid. 

(distant ringing)

Where is he?  I know he's here...

Hmmmm.  I roll over and sigh....

(distant ringing brings me to semi-wakefulness, where my mind starts ranting, and I start reaching for my bedside phone...this had better be good)

Unfortunately, the answering machine goes off too, and now I have to get out of bed and go get the other phone so that I can hear whoever it is that is calling.

I look at the clock, blinking, trying to focus.  7:00 am.  Who the hell is calling at 7:00 am, when I don't have to be up....

Oh, my god!  7:00 am!  The kids have school today!  Nolan's ride is coming at 7:30! 

Guess no one is showering this morning. 

I call back the # that is on my phone, as it is Nolan's ride.  His friend asks to speak with him, and I am slapping at covers and shaking my boy as I hand him the phone.  Ha, he wants to be treated like a bigger kid, welcome to the world of instant-wake-up-and-be-coherent.  "Hmmphf,"  he manages to grunt at me, as I hand him the phone.  "It's for you."

I did get quite a bit of pleasure out of that.  Too much.  Heehee.

Somehow, I managed to scramble everybody out of bed, into clothes, throw something down for breakfast, out the door.

Audrey and I went for the morning snuggle.  That turned into, "Mommy!  No sleeping!"

"Hmmphf."  I twist my head into the pillow some more.

"Mommy!"  she pokes at me, playfully.  

I was up late the night before finishing a book, so I decided to get up.  It's not her fault I was plowing through pages at 1:00 am.  

No rest for the wicked....


perkysgrl said...

You sound like me when it comes to books...

Once I get into them, I can't put them down.

No matter what time it is :)


jckfrstross said...

lol no rest for the wicked lol hope tomorrow goes better


pixiedustnme said...

I hate getting out of bed.  I set the alarm in Princess' room to go off 5 minutes after mine.  That way she FORCES me to get up!