Saturday, October 21, 2006

Now I lay me down to sleep

It seems like lately, I can't keep Audrey in her bed---and out of mine.

She isn't content, you see, to just come in between us and sleep.  Nope.  She's gotta share your pillow.  Right up against your back.  The other morning, when I woke up, she was like the bar in the "H" in our bed.  Luckily for her father, he was already gone, or else he'd probably be missing a kidney.

In addition to that, the bed becomes Audrey's mosh pit.  It's better to have her up against your back than to wake up with a black eye from a flying little elbow.  It's no fun to get slapped into wakefulness, I tell you.

(These nocturnal visits will pass, I know they will.  And pretty soon, the only invasion of pillow space I'll have to deal with will be the cat or my husband.)

What is fun for me is the beginning of the night, when she's going to bed.

She still likes me to hang out for a while with her, and I don't mind.  I crawl up into bed with her, sharing her pillow, and she snuggles in.  The other night, she pulled me close and patted my shoulder soothingly, like she was the Mommy.  But what really turned one evening last week into a giggle fest was when I got right close to her ear and whispered, in the most gravel-ey whisper one could manage:  "Luuuke.  I am your faaather."

Instant giggling.  From both of us.  She's been watching all the Star Wars movies with her brothers over their Fall (ha) Break.  We recently became owners of the talking Darth Vader head, courtesy of one of the other Moms I know.  It's kinda loud, and the Mom said her son never played with it.  Um-hm.  I think she just wanted it out, as in the manner of all loud toys that outstay their welcome. 

So Audrey, in particular, has been enjoying the head, she wears it and runs around all the time, playing Darth.   

"Luke.  I.  AM.  Your faaaadder."  She responded back when she could breathe again.

I then leaned back to her and said, in the same voice, "Auudrey.  I am your mooother."

I was certain we'd wake the other kids, we were giggling so much.

Last night, as I lay next to her, we snuggled in.  I thought, hmm, I'll do it once she gets settled...when she leaned over and whispered to me first:  "Luke.  I. AM.   your faaaaddder."


I tried to focus on that this morning, as I heard nothing but pops and creaks when I got out of bed, careful not to wake her.

She'll come scooting down the hall soon enough.


P.S.  The hair-straightening, okay.  Not as spectacular as when she did it, but presentable enough.  :p


pixiedustnme said...

well good, 'cause you know all I really wanted to hear about was the hair :-)  I keep thinking Princess will get tired of sleeping with me, but it' hasn't happened yet.  Maybe I should downsize from my queen sized bed so it's not quite as inviting!  LOL

mandijo1822 said...

My daughter is five, and I am still waking up from her laying on top of us... An elbow in the head.  Foot in the butt, you name it.  LOL  Crazy kids! :)