Thursday, October 19, 2006

The movie stars make it look so easy

The saga of my hair continues. 
It's still growing out.  It still has days that make me reach for my husband's clippers.  I'm still learning how to deal with it.

Monday I went in for the scheduled-maintenance haircut.  It was so funny to me, as we chatted about where I'm going with this, to realize that I'm getting attached to it.

I finally got my girl, who is very good about making you spill it, and not steering you herself, to give me an opinion.

"I think we should cut off two inches, so the bottom layer and the next shortest layer are closer together."

Ordinarily, I'd be okay with it.   But two inches was suddenly the difference between Lady Godiva and jarhead.  I was tempted, but hemmed and hawed so much you'd have thought I was at a beauty school and it was her first time.

Ridiculous of me, I'm surprised she was able to not slap me silly but instead offering a compromise, one I should of come up with on my own.

"How about one inch, and it'll look a little more polished?"

Perfect.   Hack away.  So off comes one inch, it's all good, I'm in capable hands.

She's awesome, really.  And she always styles it so well I wish she lived right next door.

This time, we decided to blow dry it straight. 

Holy cow.  Is that really me?  "Diva," she teased me.  "Your husband will think he's got a whole new woman." 

"He wishes it were that easy."

I left, totally thrilled, hair as straight and smooth as glass.  I kept shaking my head from side to side.   I'm sure cars passing mine must've thought I was having a seizure or something.

I beat the hubby home, and was outside with Ryan when he drove up.   Before he got out of the car, he points at my head and gives me a thumbs-up. 

"Isn't this cool?"  I asked him.

"It looks nice,"  he said.  "Really good."

"Don't get excited,"  I cautioned him.  "I don't think I can duplicate this on my own."

Why is that?  I mean, I think I'd need an extra set of hands; preferably on another body, to pull it off.   Oh, man, but it was soo cool....

I think I'll try it tomorrow, as I am going in to work.

Hopefully, I won't be arriving in a baseball cap.


mandijo1822 said...

New haircuts are so fun.  Although they do make it look easy, while saying, "Just blow dry like this, flip over, now do it this way."  Umm, OK where does, "Now stop and get your son's hands out of the toilet" come in?  LOL Good luck on the new style.  How did it come out the day after?

perkysgrl said...

Usually, when my gal does my hair, I don't wash it for a good 2 or 3 days :)

And she almost always blows my hair out, because it will literally take me a good 45 mins to do it myself and it wouldn't look half as good as she does it... and she knows its a treat for me :)

Hopefully you're hair will still look great tomorrow!


onemoretina said...

I soooo know that feeling.  They style your hair, it looks great.  You try to duplicate it, it's a disaster.  Oh well, at least we know that it IS possible for our hair to look good ... if only for a day.   Tina