Friday, October 6, 2006

Have glue gun, will travel

Audrey is loving her new ponytail-wearing style.  I am getting better at making the part, or just letting it be what it is.   Hey, we're all a little asymmetrical, right?

My new dilemma centered around her bows.  She likes them, but like with most girlie things, there are strings attached.  They can be expensive--$8 bucks for two at the local kiddie hair place (One online site sells them for 10 bucks a pair!  Without shipping!)--and they are illogically sold.   In the regular department stores, you might find a deal, where there are two bows, but chances are, they are not matching colors.   Who wants the perfect pink and fluorescent lime green?

Bows get lost, up there with socks in their ability to be missing from the pair the morning you need them--only to turn up that afternoon in the bottom of her (or your) purse.   They fall apart from everyday use and the loving touch of little hands.

I realized I was bordering on having a bow-sickness when I bought her a really pretty blue set of bows, with the intent of getting her an ensemble that matched around them.  Who amongst the ladies hasn't done the same thing with a pair of shoes?  

After some encouragement/brainstorming with a coworker who insisted "These things CAN'T be that  hard to make,"  I bit the bullet, bought some ribbon and a new glue gun and went to work.   Besides, I thought to myself, if that chick on Project Runway can make those little fabric rosettes, surely I can manage a bow.

That first night as I measured, clipped, and sewed, I was overjoyed.  It's not that hard!  I did sacrifice my fingers to the needle and glue gun a couple of times, but I managed.

It's crazy how a simple thing like that is probably going to become an obsession for me, and one more idiosyncracy added to my list of things-I-do-that-make-my-husband-wonder. 

The possibilities are endless.  Skull-and-crossbones grosgrain, anyone?


jckfrstross said...

Wow the bows are really pretty:) you did good:) have a good weekend


screaminremo303 said...

Which one matches Mr W's polyester blue Garanimals?

suzypwr said...

Hmmm, I used to just buy ribbons and tie them into the ponytail bands. She lost them all eventually, anyway! You did a very nice job :)


mandijo1822 said...

They look great.  Good thinking! Gotta love those girlie girls!  My daughter asked me to make 'rockstar' pants.  Wanting one leg cut off into shorts, leaving the other, and adding jewels.  (weird, I know)  Where's Martha when you need her. LOL