Saturday, June 3, 2006

Maybe I could've phrased it better

Mr W and I met up in the kitchen.

"Thanks for dinner," he said.

"Whatever,"  I quite sarcastically mutter under my breath. 

I smacked him in the arm, as he turned to leave.  "Where are you going?"  I asked.  

"Out of here,"  he says.  "I don't know what's wrong with you, but you're in a mood."

I decide to fill him in on what's wrong with me.

"I'm PMS-ing.  I'm sick of hearing Ben coughing; and I'm sleep-deprived. (Ben's been up the last couple of nights, hacking until 3 am, and nothing, nothing I've done can calm him; not to mention he's had a couple of rounds of sleepwalking I'm sure are medication-induced and Ryan decided to wake me up the other night for a nightmare right after I got Ben settled)  I'm sweaty..."

"Go take a shower,"  he offers.  I glare at him and continue:  "I haven't seen you in three days, and now I'm looking at you, I should be happy to see you, but all I feel is homicidal." 

Bad enough, right, to spew that right out there, but I have to go on and finish with, "Come here and give me a hug."  (Just call me Sybil.)

"Why, so you can stab me in the back?"  he jokes.

"Ha, if I was going to stab you, I wouldn't hide my attack, I'd approach from the front.  You know, give you a fighting chance." 

At this point, Nolan was in the kitchen, and he actually scoots behind his Dad's back, looking for my hands.

You gotta be kidding me. 

I've been a good sport, on my own because Mr W has been busy; with sick children on little sleep, and I'm not allowed a cranky  moment?

Besides, I feel better having gotten it off my chest, out in the open.  (My crankiness quotient went way down after that.  It  didn't disappear, but it wasn't so high that I continued to scare the family.)

Here I sit, and it's approaching 1 am, and I'm about this l l far from tears.  Ben is hacking, in spite of taking my creative "please-please-let-this-be-the-charm" cocktail of cough syrup and Benadryl.  I will be getting up to go to work in a few hours. 

My husband is asleep.  Oblivious. 

Sure, tomorrow when I point that out to him, he will swear to me that he could hear Ben too and that it disturbed his slumber.

Mmm-hhmm.  Yeah, I always snore when I can't sleep.

(It appears Ben is quieted down.  Time for me to try and hit it too, before the next round...which as all Moms know, will hit right around the time I'm shifting into deep sleep, or in the middle of a really good dream.)


katie39041 said...

Poor ben, I know its no fun having a child whos poorly, my son all ways starts coughing badly soon has the weather changes the heat must not agree with his chest. He has asthma as well But the cough is so bad i think he is choking in his sleep. Mind that does not help you, lol, at least you get a thanks for dinner, i get nothing lol.
love and hugs

tdain2003 said...

Ahhh Anna - you make me laugh... the Sybil part sounds like me...  I have to get it out and then I'm okay again!
I hope you got some sleep and that Ben is feeling better... I hope you get to go to sleep early tonight.  
Lock yourself in your room and put ear plugs in so you can't hear the knocking and the, "Mom" "Mom" "Mom" coming from the other side of the door! :)  Yeah, well, it's nice to dream, huh?

candlejmr said...

You crack me up...I am PMSing right now too and my husband and DD15 were making fun of me yesterday for my insane, sybil-like behavior!  They both gave my DS11 a lesson on PMS and he says "so THAT'S why you have been acting so tense!!!!"  lol  

Have a great day!

nikg2005 said...

How is Ryan allergy wise?  Just asking because my son and daughter have allergy induced asthma, which is mainly worse at night.  The none stop coughing and attacks of stridor are awful when the pollen counts are high.  I'd mention it to the doctor and ask for some albuterol.  It works wonders!


suzypwr said...

I hope you are feeling better - sleep deprivation is worse than PMS, I think. Mr W should have offered to give you a shower. That might have put a smile on your face!


perkysgrl said...

Oh Anna.  It sounds like you've had a few tough days!!

I hope Ben stops his hacking and Mr W has a few days
off to help you out with the kiddos.  

Its hard being a married "single" parent.  Haha.  I love that.
That is what my mom and I always says (my dad is also a
police officer- so she always says she is married, yet a single

Hugs to You!

fogspinner said...

Ok I have Cf so coughing is a nightly occurance for me... sick or not.

Try having him sleep sitting up. Prop him up on pillows or stick him in a recliner. I missed the reason he's been coughing so much. Is he sick with a runny nose, or allergies, or pnemonia? All will cause the cough. Sometimes cough syrup doesn't work because the cause is a draining sinus. All should be helped by sleeping in a more upright possition. It allows the upper lobes of the lungs to drain and stay clear if lung gunk is the problem.

It's the tickle in the throat that bugs me to death. So hard to get rid of!

You have a right to be crabby. :-) I probably make you look like Mother Teresa after a couple nights of coughing plus PMSing... let alone add a sick kid to that.

Tell hubby *wink* take out would be a good idea. He could bring it home with him and THEN throw away the trash. He could help himself avoid a well placed knife. Yeah Yeah probably won't happen... any more than it would at my house. *grin*

ekgillen said...

Love the Sybil comment!  When I am PMS'ing Hubby calls me QS which stands for Queen Sybil of course. :)