Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wow, has it really been this long since I was here?

It's ok, it's alright, I got something you gonna like.....oops...shouldn't be singing out loud...

Wow.  You'd think that with everyone home, it'd be easier to write, but as Audrey likes to put it, "No way."

The bad news is I find myself lazy even though I am surrounded by children (my record is 8) and the good news is, the laundry is much reduced as my children will wear pajamas as long as they possibly can--they only change if we're going out.   Oy, it's a little gross, now that I think about it. 

Less laundry....hmm, maybe I'll turn the other cheek a little longer.   It's summer.   Who cares?

I admit, I was surprised when I came home from work on Sunday, and they were all dressed, ready for the trek to Nana's.

We were waiting on Mr W.  He was in the shower.  I went to talk to him, just as he was getting out.   I had a thought, and I giggled.

Never mind that it was a dirty thought.  There is just no recovering from that, no matter how many offers-he-can't-refuse you make afterwards.  I decided to leave him alone, having done enough damage to his psyche at that moment.

I was hanging clothes in Audrey's closet when he came looking for me.  "The kids are in the car.  Let's goooo, McDonald's is screaming their name."

"You know, I could be screaming your name later if you play your cards right."

"You never, ever...." (scream my name)

"Weeelll, Janna (a good friend of mine) once told me that you should never scream any names.  'Oh God' is a much better option...."

"Yeah, yeah, so then you won't be screaming the wrong name?"

"Exactly."  I feel a wicked grin come over my face, as I get really close to him so I can scoot past him and go down the hall.   Not that I have this huge gallery of names to choose from, but one can never be too cautious. 

I really should stop tormenting him. 

Naaaah.  Where's the fun in that?

On to the Six:

Saturday Six - Episode 115

1. You are given a "remote control" that involves life itself. Of these functions, which would you think you'd make the most use of: fast-forward, rewind, or pause?

Pause. Sometimes, you want to be in a particular moment just a little longer...

2. If you could use a "change channel" button to become a totally different person, would you do so?

Oooh!  Sure, why not??  Heh heh, I'm making a list, right now.

3. Do you own a gun? If not, what would it take for you to purchase one?

Not personally, but I know people (:p) I don't need to purchase one.

4. Take the quiz: What piercing are you?

This quiz was a little insulting.  I am an ear piercing.  Boring, according to the quiz.  So what if lots of people have them, each person puts their own spin on what they put in it--while they are hardly daring, they can be still be unique.  So there. 

5. Would you ever get a piercing described in your answer to the previous question?

Oh, I already have them.  Just one in each ear, that's enough.

6. Do you tend to visit friends and relatives at their homes more or have them visit you in your home more?

We go to them more often, even though we are an instant houseful. Anytime six people show up at your house, it's a houseful.  I am just happy no one bars the doors when they see us pull up.  Thanks, Mom!

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ukgal36 said...

Funny entry!! Made me laugh.. if I said that to my hubby about the "oh god" thing he would crack up.. thanks for the laugh this morning.. i needed it..