Friday, June 16, 2006

Know your years

A friend of mine at work refuses to truly reveal her age.  She always refers to her age by narrowing it down within the 30-s decade.

I find it amusing, as I think she is closer to my age than she would care to admit.

I'm trying to be cavalier about it, as I'm adopting a new attitude towards aging in general.  I told her the last time she was referring to her age that she shouldn't worry about it.   "It's just a number,"  I assured her.  "Who cares?"

The last week of school, Ryan was obsessed with my age.  "Mommy, what years are you?"

"Huh?  Oh, how old am I?" 

"Yes.  My teacher asked me how old you were, and I said you were forty.  Because I couldn't remember your years."

I choked on my water, and nearly pulled over. 

(Sure, it's just a number.  But it's not the right number, and I just can't be cavalier about that.)

"I am most assuredly NOT forty,"  I told him. 

"Ryan, she's thirty-seven,"  Nolan chimed in.

"Tomorrow, you make sure you tell your teacher the right years."  I added.

Ryan never got around to it.  I'm forty, according to him, and should I try to correct it with the teacher when I see her next, is she really gonna believe me?

He doesn't know my years.

That's okay.

He knows my heart.


ekgillen said...

I have the opposite problem.  On my last birthday when someone asked Griffin how old I was he said 21!  Then when I asked him how old his dad was he said 35.

jevanslink said...

I remember telling someone I was deep in my forties when I turned fifty.  When I was 59 a little kid asked me my age.  I told him and his mother said, "You don't look more than 49."  I said, "Like 49 is any better?"  

By the way, when you're in your thirties age is just a number.  When you're 62 it sucks.  Not that I'm having difficulty dealing with getting older or anything.   Mrs. L

onemoretina said...

I remember a week of feeling blue when I turned forty.  When I turned fifty, I never fully recovered.  I am now fifty-two, and forty sounds ohhh, so good to me right now.  Thirty seven ?  I wish !  Tina