Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"My guy is on!"

You know how everyone says it's easier to get your kids to sleep if they follow the same nighttime routine?

Our nighttime routine is just a mess right now.  It's summer, I've been letting the kids stay up late, foolishly cutting into my alone time...

Audrey is not an exception.  She waits until the boys are herded off to bed, and wants her Mommy-and-me-bedtime-alone-time.  She crawls up into my lap, snuggles in, and says, "Is it time?  Is it time for my guy?"

I thought, last week as I channel surfed, that if I watched a show on mute, she'd knock out from lack of interest.  Oh, no, she found a new addiction.

And his name is Alton.  Alton Brown, of "Good Eats" fame on the Food Network.

I love his show.  It's funny, and he always has some science thrown in along with the yummy stuff he makes.   I learn all kinds of cool stuff watching him.

Now Audrey does, too.  Her night is ruined if she can't tune in. 

Better Alton than Barney, right?


robinngabster said...

That is a good show, we love Alton Brown.  He is quirky, funny and kinda cute too!  I love his kitchen and 50's style like stuff.

perkysgrl said...

I love the food channel... and his show is one that I watch all the time too :)

Audrey is too cute!!

Rowan likes Rachel Ray and the Italian gal (can't remember her name but it starts with a G... lol)


ekgillen said...

OMG!!!  We had the same addiction for quite a long time.  It was Good Eats and Iron Chef.  When Griffin was three he knew the names of all of the Iron Chefs and where they were from.  At least you learn something with Alton. :)

chseroo said...

Ah, I have the same thing going on here also. I have been letting my kids stay up wayyy too late. So late that it is almost impossible to get them out of bed if we have to go some where early in the morning. But I use the morning time when they are asleep as my alone time. :)

I always fall asleep with the TV on. I set my sleep timer for 30 minutes and I'm usually out before it goes off. I always watch the food Network or HGTV. And alot of Discovery Health too. I am a tv geek according to my kids.

I would rather my kids watch Alton than Barney ANY TIME!!!


womandriver2 said...

At one point last year my kids asked if food network was the only channel we got anymore!  My daughter calls the Italian lady the "big headed lady"  ... at first I didn't know who she was talking about.. she yelled from the other room  "moooom the big headed lady is on".... then when I went in and saw who she was talking about I was like......"o  my gosh... her head IS big".... now it's all I can think of when she is on!!