Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It all started when...

....I ruined a batch of Rice Krispy treats.

Who the hell messes those up?  How?  They're so foolproof that a 9 year old can make them, yet there I stood, with a pan of too-crispy treats, so hard that I feared for the dental health of my friends and family.

I blame it on bad marshmallows. 

As I threw the mess out, it took the wind out of my cookie sails right before Christmas.  My Tias may never forgive me the lack of holiday cheer I send them in the form of lemon bars and wedding cookies, but I'll make it up to them as soon as I shed the shame of the failed Rice Krispy treats.

(I did manage a batch of sugar cookies for Santa, at Ryan's insistence, on Christmas Eve, and they turned out fine.)

It seemed to me that the kids got out of school, I shopped like mad, late as always (because I couldn't trust myself not to spill the beans, really) and boom!  Christmas was upon me.  The presents were unwrapped, and it was Nolan's birthday.  Then New Years.  Mr W surprised me with some time off of work, and the stars aligned and I was able to take time off too.   The kids just went back to school on Tuesday, and as of this today, things were back to normal.

As normal as can be for me, that is.

I thought of Martha Stewart, and those kid-cooking-expert gurus as I packed lunches this morning.  I don't think that a box of Hi-C and a tuna sandwich would ever measure up to star-shaped pitas with hummus and veggies for dipping,  but I do what I can.

The lunch boxes come back empty, so I guess I'm doing something right.

Stupid marshmallows.


carolelainedodd said...

Glad I stopped by.  A belated Happy New Year to you.  I haven't made Rice Krispie cakes for years, although tonight when Adam comes from school we are gonna make chocolate coins.  Maybe.!! I'm with you on the lunch boxes.  I wish I could make them more interesting for Adam, but he eats what's in it.  It works for me.
Have a good Thursday.

jevanslink said...

I never realized you could ruin Rice Krispy Treats.  I thought they just became useful as something else -- brick pavers for instance.

Mrs. L

chat2missie said...

I could ruin Rice Krispy treats!  I once made corn bread and forgot the corn meal!  I'm terrible at making stuff!  Mrs. Cleaver I am not! LOL

ekgillen said...

I have ruined Rice Krispy treats on more than one occasion.  I am not even allowed to think about making them anymore!! :)