Monday, January 14, 2008

We now return you to "Sounds of the Elderly"

As any Mom knows, sometimes you can't even make it to the bathroom.

You're in the middle of pouring juice, folding laundry, or signing off on homework when suddenly you realize you're squirming.  

Even Mommy needs a potty break.

I'm so bad about getting to it, that when I finally do get to the bathroom, the relief-moan I let out would get me some weird looks, were I in a public bathroom.

Don't even get me started on how the last time I was late to work, I forgot to go, got stuck in traffic, and got off at the first available off-ramp juuust as my eyeballs began to float.

Today was no exception.  I was finally in there, so relieved (if you'll pardon the pun), and suddenly, I sneezed.

Again, most ladies know that this is a little bit of an impossible usually have to stop one to do the other.

However, I wasn't quick enough, and had to go that badly.  I sneezed mid-stream, and instead of my usual moan of relief, I barked out "Yeo-owtch!  SON OF A BITCH!" which earned me a weird look from Mr W upon my exit.

I don't know, but I think I may have broken something.

Hopefully, it's not something vital.


perkysgrl said...

God, I hate that!


pixiedustnme said...

OMG - i'm printing this off and posting it in the break room (nothing funnier at a urologist's office than potty humor!!)