Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Other parents will understand

I know I'm going out on limb here, with what I am about to say.

Black-tinted cars will pull up to take me away, but I have to say it.

I will probably be asked to burn my degree, but:

I hate the Science Fair.

There.  I said it, and I'm a scientist.  It's a complete waste of time, I mean, no one uses a battery made out of a potato unless they live in the wild desert surrounding my hometown.

I'm in the process of guiding Nolan through his project.  I usually try to rein myself in and let them do their own homework, but when I saw his "notes" the other day, something in me snapped, and I sat on the dog food bin in the garage and hastily scribbled out something that resembled what he's supposed to be doing anyway, for fear that if one of my coworkers saw his efforts, my lab coat would be taken away.  And burned.

(The last couple of weeks at the lab have been s-l-o-w, we're running out of entertainment there.  I refuse to believe cancer takes a vacation, I blame it on the doctors taking a little extra r-and-r around New Years.  Oh well.  Who wants a hungover physician coming at your hip with a needle anyway?)

I think we have until the end of the week to kil--I mean, continue his experiment with plants. 

If only we could use Mr W's Taser on something instead....



momiscool2 said...

LOL  I understand - last year was the dreaded science fair for me- I mean my son lol  - we tested ph levels of fruit juice and veg. juice -and collected data  and I kept buying the wrong ph strips and they didn't have the right color chart- I was a wreck = and my son - couldn't care less lol

happysunshien said...

lol...i hate the science fair too and my mom used to be a science teacher and my hubby loves science...and loves to help with that stuff..I on the other hand HATE IT@


jckfrstross said...

I hate the science fairs too LOL big waste of my time lol you are not alone


chat2missie said...

I agree!  I hate science fairs too!