Sunday, September 17, 2006

The statement that makes it all worthwhile

This is what happens next, that makes me forget all my irritation.

Kinda like how you 'forget' the pain of childbirth.

"Mommy, you're a good cook-er."

"Mommy, you should open a restaurant."

"Mommy, can I eat another one of your delicious cookies?" 

"This is yummy."

"Thanks, Mom."

They go on like that, and it's nice.   I have stopped taking deep breaths and can appreciate their comments.

"Who's doing the dishes?"

It's a vicious circle.


katie39041 said...

My lot eat and run. i never see them move as fast one word that does it dishes, lol
love and hugs

pixiedustnme said...

hmm, who IS doing the dishes?  >giggle<