Thursday, September 21, 2006


This is waaaay cool.

And the reason Mr W got this for me.  I'm waiting for Audrey to get out of school. 

Using my laptop at a local eatery that has WiFi connections. 

Yes, there's a big giant grin on my face. :D

Monday night, I was able to pull off Ryan's party.   His little friend came, and the Mom who brought him wasn't the Mom-who-hates-me.   Not to say that this Mom wasn't "interesting".

The little guy had a great time, and everyone was happy, which is what a birthday should be.

Yesterday, the Schwan's man came by.   It was the usual day, but not the usual guy.   I like the Schwan's man, even though he's a little pricey.    I only get a couple of things from him anyway, and figuring how much money he's saves me keeping me out of Costco, it works out just fine.

I was talking to him, and I added something different to the order.  I'd realized on my way home from an earlier errand that I'd forgotten to give Nolan lunch money, and he probably didn't get any lunch because of it.  I figured I'd make it up to him by having something ready when he walked in the door.

Geez, not even Mr W gets that treatment. 

Well, not often, anyway.

I said to the guy, "They're like locusts when they come home."

He starts laughing.   A lot.

"How many locusts do you have?"  "Four."  "Ice cream okay for them?"  "Sure."

Why did he ask me that, I wondered, as he went to get the stuff I ordered...

A few minutes later, he comes back, with my stuff.  And a little plastic bag.

"I got some ice cream in here for the kids.  And a little something extra in there for you, because you made the funniest remark I've heard all day.  Locusts!! hahahaha!"  He spots Mr W walking by.

"She said the funniest thing!"  he calls over to Mr W.   Who looks at him, with a 'yeah, try living with her' look on his face.

"Locusts!"  he giggles some more.  "It's like that scene in the Blues Brothers where John Belushi is talking to Carrie Fisher and she's holding the gun to his head..."

"Yeah, I know that scene."

We chat a minute or two more, then he's on his way.   And I'm giddy over my bag of ice cream treats, pondering which one is mine.

Stuff like that rarely happens to me.

But it's nice when it does.

And it's funny to me, because I always say that about the kids.

Afterschool, anything not nailed down is fair game and potentially a snack.

Even the cats run and hide.


perkysgrl said...

Aww, sweet Schwann's man :)

Hope the kiddos- and you- enjoyed the treat!

I have been begging my hubby to buy me a laptop...

I want an Apple.  Or anything really... so I can do
what you are doing... sit in a coffee place and play on the compy!


jckfrstross said...

nothing better than free ice cream:)


jevanslink said...

A driver with a sense of humor.  Who knew?     Mrs. L

suzypwr said...

OK, I give up. Who is Schwan's?


onemoretina said...

Isn't it great when you know you've entertained somebody ... anybody ... even the Schwan's guy?  It's nice to be appreciated.  Tina