Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Ladies' Man, at eight years old

At Nolan's band concert tonight, Ryan came over and settled in my lap.  It was vacant, for once, but not for long, like always.

I noticed the little girl in front of us turning around, over and over, as she gave him a little grin/giggle combo.  I couldn't help myself, I whispered in his ear, "Are you making friends with a giiiirl ?"

There was a sharp letting out of his breath, and he smiled and said, so rapid-fire I almost didn't catch it all:

"No, not really.  Not like I have a crush on her or something.  Not like Shannon has on me.  You remember Shannon, from kindergarten?  She's in my class again, and she has a crush on me.  She smiles at me all the time like this"  (he pauses to demonstrate a cheesy-but-cute grin) "you know, the kind of smile that is kinda creepy?  I mean I like her, but like a friend"  (the hand gesturing starts) "not like a g-friend"  (he looks over his shoulder at me) "that means girlfriend, Mom." 

Thankfully, the music started again, because I don't know how long I could have held my understanding nod, I was seconds away from side splitting laughter.  As it was, I managed enough silent shaking to make Mr W look at me quizzically.

I mouthed to him, gesturing to Ryan with my head--"Babe magnet."

And I swear, I saw my husband sit up a little straighter, sparkle in his eye.

A physical representation of "That's my boy!"


candlejmr said...

My son is in 7th grade and has this girl trailing after him.  She has even called the house a few times and IM's him on the computer CONSTANTLY!  Whenever I say ANYTHING...he gets so embarrassed!!!! (lol)

Ahhh, gotta love those boys....


pixiedustnme said...

Men!  ROFL

ekgillen said...

Gotta love boys at that age.  Griff is 6 and all the girls love him.:)  Hubby is beyond

mandijo1822 said...

I just picked up your journal today, and I must say, I find myself in very similar situations.  I can't help but to laugh.  The crazy days of 'mommyhood'! :) Right? (And I do relate to Shrek 2) LOL