Saturday, September 16, 2006

A simple question that annoys me to no end

Of all the questions I answer each day (and believe me, with these kids, the number is sometimes in the thousands) the one that annoys me the most, right out of the gate, is "What's for dinner?" 

Followed closely by:  "Are you thinking about what to make for dinner?"

Which is followed closely by *sniff air* "What's that your making for dinner?" 

On the heels of Mr W leaning over, looking into the pan and asking "What's that?"  with a look on his face that telegraphs 'there's no way in hell I'm eating it.'

I should not be bothered by so basic a question, yet it brings out the twitch in my left eye like no other. 

Mr W had the audacity to ask me tonight, "Why does that make you mad?  Why does it upset you so much?"

Why?  Why??  WHY? 

I can't believe he asked.  Then again, we are at my Mom's house--there are witnesses present.

Why it annoys me:

1)  It's always me that gets asked.   (It must be the resemblance to Emeril.)

2)  Ask once, I'm fine.  Ask me 4 times, with my Dad and Mr W thrown into the mix, and I'm done. 

3)  "But I don't want that."

Those are reasons that come to mind immediately.   There are myriad others, I'm just in a hurry here.

It's time to make dinner.


jckfrstross said...

so what are you having for dinner hehe


perkysgrl said...

Next time they say something...

tell them you are going on strike and that they should make dinner :)



womandriver2 said...

My kids are older now, my youngest is 14... (that made me feel old when she turned 14 last week)...  I now have two ways that I use to cure hearing this question a thousand times.  I answer in one of two ways:

"geeze, I'm not sure what are YOU making?"  --- and they DO get to make dinner that night.

or just

"it's your turn tonight"

if I do answer it normally and get a whine of "I don't want that can't we have this"...

"Yup we sure can.... go ahead and start it now."

I don't get asked that question half as often as I used to.

onemoretina said...

I used to hate, Hate, HATE that question.  Because I knew that no matter what I prepared, somebody was going to gripe about it.  It got to the point where I would just answer the question with: " Something that you probably don't want to eat."  Because it usually was.  Tina